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What bed for a guest room?

In some houses, and definitely in most apartments it is difficult for us to save a separate room that will be intended only for guests. Therefore, most often such a room performs many functions and only in the event of a family or friends visit, we turn it into a place to sleep. Nevertheless, regardless of the purpose for which we use a given room every day, it is worth being prepared for the possibility of accommodation. Let's do it in such a way as to provide our loved ones with a comfortable rest.


What bed for a guest room


Bed for guests - a corner, sofa or a comfortable bed?


This, What type of bed we choose in the guest room is most important depending on the size of the room we have. If he has withalertie several square meters, It will be impossible to set a comfortable bed in it and additionally wardrobes or at least bedside tables. In this case, the only solution becomes sofa or fold -out sofa that has many practical functions. First of all, it gives us a lot of free space on a daily basis - we only spread it in the event of guests. Second, most often It has a chest inside, where we can store quilt and pillows for visitors. In addition, we have much more space that we can develop depending on our needs. If our property is larger and the room itself also reaches an area of ​​several square meters, This can be an interesting solution comfortable corner, which looks very good and can also be used for everyday "property". Of course, it will work in large rooms bedwhich will be definitely the most convenient option for guests, Especially if we choose comfortable and good quality for it mattress. However, we ourselves condemn ourselves to losing a place that can be very valuable, even when we organize a large party.


What bed for a guest room 


How to arrange a guest room?


Regardless of what bed We will have a guest room, let's make sure that there is a somewhat intimate atmosphere. It primarily promotes rest - therefore let's try Fr. Appropriate furniture. Let's set a low one next to the bed cabinet With a night lamp, which will give us point and dummy eyes lighting. Let's also take care of An additional blanket and a set of soft pillows. If we have such an opportunity, We can fence the sleep zone from the rest of the room with a screen or a delicate curtain that will give us an additional element of intimatebones. What more can we do? Let's make sure that in the windows outside of blinds or standard curtains there are also Particular curtains, which are characterized by a high density of fabric weave, Which in turn translates into their thickness and low light permeability. It will certainly be a nice addition to guests who want to rest after a long trip or all -night fun.

An interesting way to ensure comfort and silence can also be fat and fluffy rug, which is often underestimated or we do not know its hidden function. It works similarly to thick curtains, absorbing many sounds. Of course, he will not provide us with complete silence, but he will definitely subtract at least a few decibels. Avoid tiles that will carry and reflect sounds instead of suppressing them.

Finally, a few words about add -ons that will significantly raise the quality of relaxation. These are primarily fragrance candles for inflammation in the evening or a vase with freshly cut flowers.


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