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How to clean wooden furniture?

Furniture is without a doubt a showcase of every apartment or house. Wooden furniture In addition, they add charm and prestige, which is why we should care about them. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention to the preparations we use to clean the surface on our furniture. Meanwhile, wood requires due diligence and appropriate means, even if we want to wipe only chicken.


How to clean wooden furniture?


Care of wooden furniture


For proper care of wooden furniture We use preparations that contain wax or o'clock, even linseed, which will work exceptionally in this case, giving the surface a glow. These two ingredients are also responsible for protecting furniture against moisture and against dust. In addition, as we have already mentioned, wax and oil will make furniture a beautiful and shiny shine.

A key aspect during cleaning wooden furniture It is what detergents we use and what we rub the wooden surfaces. For this purpose, we should use Slightly damp cloth or sponge made of soft material. Avoid sponges with a rough structure and do not use too much water, because the wood reacts badly to it. Very helpful, especially when cleaning antiques is ircha, i.e. a sponge made of sheepskin. Furniture should also be cared for regularly, Thanks to which we will not have to use stronger preparations.



Old wooden furniture - how to care?


In the maintenance of the old ones wooden furniture We must remember above all about regularity and appropriate cleaning techniques. If we comply with the following advice below, we can be sure that they will serve us for many years. The basis and The first step is to wipe with a delicate cloth of dirt and dust from wood. Then let's prepare ourselves Homemade mix of water, linseed and turpentine. Let's soak a cloth in such a solution and gently rub it into the wood. Remember to do it thoroughly and do not pour out too much liquid on the surface, because the wood should not catch too much water. Such care aims to increase both furniture and gloss durability. More thanWe will be suitable for drying and cracking of the material. Finally, leave wooden furniture to dry, without exposing them to adverse weather conditions, such as rainfall, wind or excessive cold.


How to clean wooden furniture? 


How to clean furniture? Home remedies


On regular care and wiping wooden furniture We have already mentioned from dust. But what if tea, coffee or other dirt arises on the furniture? How to remove greasy stains from wooden furniture in this case? Then we can use a very simple, home method, avoiding any chemical preparations that can very often harm our anti -measures. Let us also remember that Washing with water alone is also not the best solution, Because if the wood is not properly protected, the water can penetrate its structure, which will involve the buttering and distortion of furniture. If sticky dirt from juice, flowers or tea appear on the wooden surface, use a solution from water and ordinary soap. Let's be careful, however, that the cloth that we will wipe the wood is not too wet, but only moist. After removing the stains, we dry the surface of the wood with a absorbent towel.


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