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High gloss cleaning methods of cleaning furniture

For many of us, high -gloss varnished furniture is synonymous with modernity and elegance. Of course, we do not intend to negate this thesis, moreover - we agree with her. The shiny fronts without a doubt give the interior character and style. They also perfectly fit into current trends, such as New York style or glamor. Unfortunately, there is one issue that can spend our night's sleep with this type of furniture and lead us to despair. It is their care and ease of getting dirty. Below we will try to introduce home remedies that will significantly help in the fight against cleaning furniture to high gloss.


How to remove stains from varnished furniture?


The first and main principle, which we must stick to in the case of stains on varnished furniture, it is without a doubt speed of action. It applies to mainly spilled liquids, because although the varnish protects the furniture against the negative effects of moisture, long -term exposure can lead to permanent damage. Let's also remember that do not use aggressive and strong detergents, rough sponges or worse brushes. It's best to soak the sponge with water and add dishwashing liquid. After washing Let's wipe the entire surface thoroughly with a dry microfiber cloth. Another method is a creature ammonia water. It is very simple, because it is enough to mix water with ammonia in the right proportions to get a natural and very effective furniture cleaning agent. If such home remedies are not managed, then we still have special cleaning agents.


High gloss cleaning methods of cleaning furniture 


How to clean veneer furniture?


Cleaning furniture affects their service life and appearance. It is similar with veneer furniture that is still very popular. They are universal and look very good without paying huge money. Unfortunately, their big downside is low resistance to high temperatures and moisture, which is why we must be particularly careful during care, and the resulting spots on the surface of the countertop should be dry as soon as possible. Do not use too much water for cleaning. All you need is a moisturized cloth with the addition of a special fat stain remover - mainly in the case of the kitchen. Finally, wipe dry furniture.




How to degrease wooden surfaces?


If we have wooden surfaces in our rooms, it is very important to properly clean any dirt, and especially degrease such furniture. First of all, we should reach for home remedies that often turn out to be the best. Let's start with dishwashing liquid, which is an irreplaceable degreater. Just mix a little liquid with water and wash the surface. Another method may be grey soap, in turn, treat old and resistant spots with special chemicals intended strictly for degreasing wood. Before using them, however, we study the information from the manufacturer exactly, because too much such a means can cause discoloration.

High gloss cleaning methods of cleaning furniture


How to clean yellowed white furniture?


Before we go to clean white furniture, let's start with it Why do white furniture yellow? This is most often due to insufficient quality of materials. In addition, adverse conditions such as humidity in the room, tobacco smoke or excess UV radiation. In the case of white furniture, it is best to prevent, and not then bother with the repair process. For this purpose Let's do regular cleaning, especially if we are dealing with white furniture in the kitchen, let's protect the furniture from the negative influence of the environment, and do not expose them to high humidity. However, if we were not able to protect our furniture from yellowing, the best solution will be the simplest, i.e. Wiping furniture with a delicate and dry cloth or acrylic broom, and then cleaning them with a damp wipe with liquid or spray intended for cleaning white furniture. Remember, however, to read the labels carefully, because the inappropriate use of the agent may not damage the surface even more.


High gloss cleaning methods of cleaning furniture