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Traditional handicrafts in a modern interior - Ceramics Muas

Kati Romanowska and Łukasz Przygodziński talk to Berke. Like nature and sound, they affected their lives and design language.

It all started in a small room in a Warsaw apartment, and in 4 years it transformed into something that they can call the second home, or rather even the first, if we count all the hours they spend there!

Muas was created on the initiative of Kati Romanowska, who had a dream to design beautiful and functional items. A moment later Łukasz "Czarny" Przygodziński joined the Muas Team and since then they are constantly developing their brand and studio in Warsaw's Mokotów.


Ceramics Muas 




Kati: I was a bit tired of architecture, and ceramic workshops have aroused the desire to create in me. I quickly caught the bug and went all the way, then there was no turning back;)

Black: All because of Kati ... and seriously, I was a bit burned with my work as a sound engineer and I needed new stimuli and opportunities to create. I found that there would be no better opportunity and I went with Kati all the way.


Handicrafts in the interior of Muas




Kati: I most often create after trips. I have a head full of ideas and a lot of energy to act.

Black: I most often create when I have a clean head, something like an empty sheet of paper. Trips from Kati give this effect.


B.: What do your night and morning rituals look like?

Kati: I usually run with a bastard to our studio in the morning, I like to start working before the whole Muas Team appears. In the evening I try to devote some time for myself. I will not despise a good movie or series.

Black: shower in the morning - always. In the evening, a walk with dogs. And coffee. Whole day ;)


B.:Breakfast or dinner?

Kati: Definitely dinner. I am ashamed to admit, but I do not eat breakfast. Unless coffee with a cake counts? ;)

Black: breakfast. I can't function without him.


B.:What is work for you?

Kati: The studio is my kingdom. I really like to work alone, of course I love our Masowy Team, but sometimes I miss these lonely hours spent experimenting and making everything that only comes to my mind.

Black: The studio is a second home for me. I created many things here with my hands. I love to introduce new technical solutions in it and I would like Kati to have the greatest comfort of creation in it.


B.: Night Marek, Morning Bird?

Kati: Morning bird! After a whole day of work, I fall asleep in the blink of an eye;) Black: Night Marek. I still left from my studies at the polybuda, where I earned whole nights in front of the computer. Silence, peace, no phones. Everyone is sleeping and nobody looks at your hands;)


B.: Which work are you most proud of?

Kati: Definitely from our Pater Wave. I devoted the most time to them and I try to work on them all the time to make them even more beautiful!

Black: He is still waiting for its premiere.


Handicrafts in the interior of Muas


B.: What inspires you?

Kati: Travels, art, nature. Basically everything that has colors! I love colors! Sometimes a light game is enough for some object, and ideas are born in my head.

Black: sounds and image. Sound and music accompany me throughout my life, professional and private. And the sound with the image \ the film is an inseparable whole for me. A single note can release a waterfall in me.


B.: How do you work?

Kati: Spontaneous! I am a walking chaos, but running a company requires me some systematics and order. This is not my natural environment, but I can always count on black.

Black: I am the adversity of Kati at work. I try to plan my actions in advance, although I do not lack spontaneity, I know that I am distracted and try to impose some frames and action plan on myself. There are no measurable effects without it.


B.: What rituals accompany you at work?

Kati: I always start work with coffee. This is probably the only ritual that accompanies me at work.

Black: coffee.


B.: What touches you?

Kati: A difficult question. I think only crying black.

Black: happiness. Only this releases tears of emotion in me.


Handicrafts in the interior of Muas


B.:The happiest moment in your career?

Kati: I don't treat my work as a career, and the happiest moments ... I know they are still ahead of me.

Black: The first is to start working in a sound studio, the second is to start a business with Kati.


B.: When I want to create something good, I go (where?)

Kati: Our studio in Mokotów!

Black: my private space.


B.: My art is color

Kati: Colors! Many colours!!!

Black: black. ;)


B.:Tell us about the colors in your bedroom.

Kati: We are currently before a major renovation of the apartment. We want to make a small revolution in it, so at the moment there is nothing permanent, so the colors of our bedroom changes depending on our moods and accessories. But white color and raw materials such as wood or concrete dominate.
Black: And after renovation? Who knows? Maybe we'll turn our bedroom 180 degrees and make it black;)


B:  Short  Cube No.2?  


Cube No.2 

B.:I can't imagine life without

Kati: Without black and our dogs.

Black: Kati, Bracy, Zołzy and ... Pizza.



Kati: Definitely a bed!

Black: The mind speaks a desk, the heart screams the bed;)


Ceramics Muas