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Japandi style - how to decorate the interior in the style of Japandi?

Japandi's style is specific hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. It is characterized above all minimalism, a sense of peace and functionality. Interestingly, There is also some space for imperfect asymmetry. Style Japandi appeared relatively recently, but immediately gained extraordinary popularity - first in Australia and now around the world. Is this a lasting trend or only short -term fashion? We do not know this, but we can certainly say that its simplicity and friendly, conducive to silencing arrangements will be in our homes for a long time.



What is the Japandi style?


The very word "japandi" is a combination of "scandi", or Scandinavian and "Japan", or Japanese. Finally, it gives us a completely new, refreshing style, which we can slowly call not only style in architecture, but even a lifestyle. It is a combination of minimalism, nature, Japanese trend and a characteristic Scandinavian style. They are piercing mainly in it Subdued colors, beige, earth colors, taupe, browns, natural raw materials and a lot of greenery. It is also very interesting to observe that despite large cultural differences, it was possible to combine and Design interiors so that simplicity, functionality, respect for nature and craftsmanship joins one, coherent whole.

Style Japandi - how to decorate the interior in the style of Japandi


What characterizes the Japandi style?

The first thing that should be conspicuous to us after entering the interior In the style of Japandi, it is a calming and pure atmosphere, which is highlighted with clean lines, warm lighting, a sense of spaciousness and colors that gives us relief. The rooms are transparent and minimalist - So much that we are able to appreciate any architectural detail. Japandi style encourages us to get rid of objects, which can burden the space and evoke negative emotions. So as we can guess, in this case sWe mainly put on quality, not quantity. We choose things that serve a given goal and have some meaning.


The main features of the Japandi style:

  • Minimalist and functional Accessories,
  • Decorating a lot of plants, as well as wooden elements,
  • Earthy, gray and beige colors on the walls,
  • Geometric and not converting design,
  • Use natural and organic materials,
  • Using vases with interesting design,
  • Freedom of space.



How to arrange a Japandi style space?

Our space, regardless of whether we are dealing with an apartment or the house should be arranged in a way Simple and not converging. Additions and textiles should be natural and made with the utmost care. Materials such as L will be a great solution, organic cotton, bamboo or satin. Rattan and even sea grass are also often used material! Of course, the decor in the style of Japandi cannot ignore wooden elements, which is best if they are made furniture. Beech, white pine, ash, larch, cypress and cedrics play a huge role for this purpose. The more rough and raw - the better. Wooden elements can also be introduced into the living room in the form of decorative bowls, bookcases or vases. An interesting solution may be to make a wooden wall decorations. Finally, a few words about colors, which also plays a significant role. Let's focus primarily on the neutral and pastel color base, which will be found beige, gray and all earthy. Green plants should be complemented, which makes us feel in our home, like in the Japanese garden!



Japandi style in the bedroom

Japandi style bedroom is ours Oasis of peace, relaxation and space. The key element is of course bed, which Good if it is large, low and made of wood. In this case, let's reject patterned pillowcases and put on a smooth bedding of natural material - for this purpose it works great cotton or linen. Let's fill the space with light furniture, greenery and wood accessories - A great example is the use of a rattan cabinet that will take over the role of a dresser. As in other rooms, we should approach the colors of the walls. Let beige, gray and earthiness reign in the bedroom on the walls, which makes us feel relaxed and calm.

 Style Japandi - how to decorate the interior in the style of Japandi