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Fabrics in the bedroom in 2022

New Year 2022 is also new interior design trends. This is associated However, not only with a change of style, new arrangement or color trends, but Also with fashion for new fabrics. So what materials will lead the way in the new year? One thing is certain - due to the fact that the next year will be he ran under the banner of love and respect for nature and planets, It is also fabrics that will receive a new life. Especially for you, we decided to collect all the upcoming textile trends, which in the coming months will decorate our bedrooms.



First of all - buts

Winter and autumn are periods when we care above all on a warm, subtle and climate wrapped in us. That's what natural materials create, and above all Bukla, which is soft, pleasant to the touch and gives the interior warm. It is mainly these aspects that affect the fact that it will be Very popular in this year's bedrooms. The mentioned material is Fully natural because it is obtained from the fleece of sheep. Such products, of course, are characterized by great thermal insulation, hygroscopicity and soundproof. What's more, Bukla absorbs harmful UV radiation. Next The advantage of this fabric is a much lower susceptibility to penetrating the dirt structure. Bukla has a natural knot on the outside, which makes the material very characteristic. On the market, we can now get more and more types of beech, from fully natural ones to those with an admixture of polyester and viscose.

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Fabrics in the bedroom in 2022


Secondly - natural braids

Blashts have been known to humanity since prehistoric times, and as we return to nature, it is also the perfect time to give them a new life. They are a kind of fabric that is characterized by a flat weave with crossing threads of thread and warp. In the old days, we use us to create very strong ropes, but also various types of mats, baskets or other artistic products. A feature that distinguishes natural braids is their Strength and significant advantage in the composition of natural materials, such as linen, viscose or cotton.


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Fabrics in the bedroom in 2022




Third - velor


Once, velor was considered an exclusive fabric and reserved only for the upper classes. Currently, without any obstacles, we can also have it in our bedroom. It is very much Universal and durable fabric that looks beautiful in many types of interior. It has a soft and fluffy hair cover, which is commonly called a nap. The structure of velor can be largely compared to the peach skin, which She is very pleasant and pleasant to the touch. Although at first glance it seems that velor is a very delicate material, it is essentially the opposite. Is it strong and durable fabric, which copes with stretching or tearing. Many types of velor are also resistant to scratching claws, which should be a valuable clue for people with dogs or cats in their home.


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 Fabrics in the bedroom in 2022



Let's not forget about the wool

Wool is a very universal material that, contrary to the opinions of many people, works perfectly not only during cold days and night. The lowest wool weaves, i.e. 120g/m2, are also successfully used in the textile industry in the summer. As a result, wool is a great alternative to other fabrics, especially if we value elegance and noble form in the bedroom. Wool to the touch also differs slightly from its cotton "sisters". It is more rough, which makes it a beautiful and classic form of bed covering. JEST is also an extremely durable fabric, which will serve us for a long time in an unchanged form with proper care. In this year's trends we will find many pillows or a bedspread made of classic wool in natural, earthy colors.


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Recycling materials as so -called must have


Finally, we couldn't fail to mention the real one bedroom must have. These are recycled fabrics, which will have a lot to say without a doubt in arrangement trends 2022. New The challenges, which are brought to us by the global climate crisis, make us currently focus on sustainable development. Thanks to this, we avoid the use of plastic and, following this direction, we create more and more fabrics from waste and cotton waste. The fact that they come from recycled does not mean, however, that they are of inferior quality or do not look like we could have dreamed. It is quite the opposite - originating Recycling wool and cotton is distinguished by the creation of an ideal microclimate in the bedroom (by giving or absorbing moisture), it is a naturally -resistant material, and additionally protects our health, because they are fabrics unfriendly to microorganisms such as mite or bacteria. Recycling materials in 2022 are Used mainly for upholstery of beds, sofas, sofas, but we can also use them as decorative fabrics In the form of a bed bedding or pillowcases.


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