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A small wardrobe - how to arrange it?

Each of us dreams of having a wardrobe in our own home and even a flat, a functional, closed space for storing clothes. Unfortunately, very often it does not have as much space as we would like. Therefore, it is an important issue to arrange it in such a way as to maximally use every centimeter. After all, a functional wardrobe does not have to be great. Small films absolutely do not exclude the creation of a comfortable and well -developed space for storing clothing and accessories. However, for this, it is worth checking some custom solutions and using irreplaceable patents for practical and comfortable wardrobe. How to arrange a small wardrobe then?


A small wardrobe in the recess

Let's start with the most common condition we meet mainly in apartments. As we don't have much space in them, every centimeter is at a premium. Therefore, if we want to have at least a substitute for a wardrobe, the best solution is to use the recess, so you don't have to arrange wardrobes in a separate room. The niches, which are ideal for such a solution, can usually be found in the hallway and in the bedroom. It is an extremely useful space that will work as an ideal storage room and is suitable for creating a wardrobe from a large, roomy wardrobe. We can put in a wardrobe from the floor to the ceiling and install numerous shelves and drawers. If our recess is large, we can also be tempted to implement an additional functional seat with a mirror, which will significantly improve the choice of creation for a given occasion. In small houses, where it is also difficult to separate a separate room for a wardrobe, it is an increasingly fashionable solution to create such a place in the recess under the stairs that hide a lot of free space.


A small wardrobe - how to arrange it?



How to arrange a wardrobe?

Principle number 1 - When arranging a wardrobe, we must use the whole space, especially since we don't have much of it. Let's make sure that even the corners are useful, and all wardrobe items are perfectly matched. In addition, let's hang clothes at two heights, thanks to which we will gain additional space. In turn, if our clothes are long and this option does not work, then we can always mount several shelves or drawers under the first height, where we will hide, even sweaters, t-shirts or necessary accessories.

An interesting way to optimize a small space is a combination of shelves of different depths. Why should you use such a solution? Well, not all clothes and accessories require the same space. Therefore, shelves with more depth will work in the case of previously mentioned sweaters, and the narrower ones will be successfully used for numerous stripes, hats, scarves or gloves, underwear and jewelry. Another issue is functional organizers and containers that will allow us to control the additions. We will hide numerous trinkets in them, which, unfortunately, is easy to lose.

Finally, we cannot forget about various types of hangers and hooks. Let's adapt them to the wardrobe, as well as use ergonomic hangers for pants. Special greasy hangers, ties or stripes, which do not take up much space, are also a great idea, but are able to organize a limited space.

Remember that in a small wardrobe you should take care of good lighting that will help us use a small wardrobe and provide convenient access to all storage of clothes. To optically enlarge the room, it is worth putting on a mirror, which will also additionally brighten the wardrobe and make its interior more functional. White furniture is an additional element for brightening the interior.


Small wardrobe - you need to know

Below we present you some necessary, but also simple solutions, thanks to which we will not only fit with all clothes and accessories, but above all we will keep order and space.

First of all, if we want to have a functional wardrobe, let's divide our clothes into categories. Hanging only shirts in one place, in the other dress, and in the third coats we will organize a great space and always know where what is. Secondly, it is worth sorting clothes by colors. This solution will work primarily for the clothes we fold. Third, let's divide and sort the additions. They are easy to get lost and we usually look for them only when we have to leave. Dedicated compartments will definitely deal with this problem. Let's not forget about footwear. The use of a retractable shoe shelf will not only provide us with easy access, but also will accommodate much more pairs than a regular cabinet. Finally, we cannot fail to mention the mirror, which will not only be an elegant accessory, but above all it will allow us to better choose clothes for a given occasion and optically increase the room.

A small wardrobe - how to arrange it? 


Small wardrobe - inspiration

To best arrange your own small wardrobe, it is worth first to prepare a plan, where we will reckon with every free centimeter. Such a plan, in turn, is best based on many inspirations, thanks to which we can "pull" the most suitable solutions and use them in our own space - thanks to which it will be easier to design a small wardrobe that meets our expectations. Let's use the ideas that we can find in the social media, where designers even outdo each other, presenting interesting solutions. It is also worth seeking the advice of specialists who individually approach each project and will take into account the location of the wardrobe and the available area, then proposing a solution tailored to our needs and possibilities. Let's also take into account the order of custom -made furniture that is easier to adapt to your needs. The choice is also a good solution beds with a containerwhich will allow you to store Winter clothing, sports equipment, cartons of equipment, toys, souvenirs and many others.