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Attic bedroom

The attic bedroom is a sensational idea for creative and functional development of space at home. By deciding to arrange the bedroom in the attic, we will create the most intimate room in the building. Distribution from the rest of the house will ensure the possibility of calming down. After a harder day we will relax without having to listen to the hustle and bustle. It is worth considering what bed for the attic bedroom will work best. The Berke offer includes a wide selection of the highest quality beds that can be precisely configured. The solution was created to meet the expectations of even very demanding customers. We try to support the possibility of rest and provide you with maximum relaxation.

 Attic bedroom

What bedroom bed in the attic?


When choosing the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, which is the bed, it is worth considering the interior design and your expectations. The bed will be a key point in the bedroom. It is on him that he will focus his eyes just after entering the room. So it's good that it visually meets the key requirements of the inhabitants and match the style of its surroundings. In our offer you will find a large range of solutions. Bed wooden, upholstered, with a container or without headboard. Absolutely all of them are characterized by precision and high aesthetic values.
Each of them can be easily adapted to your individual needs in terms of size, width, upholstery fabric or coloring of wood. All this so that your interior is consistent and aesthetic.

Attic bedroom

Wooden bed - choice for years


When considering what bedroom bed in the attic will work best, it is worth considering a wooden bed. Wood is one of the most beautiful raw materials for furniture production. His nobility, naturalness and durability mean that he constantly impresses not only producers, but also customers. The furniture made of wood will be absolutely unique. The texture and jars visible in the structure of the material are unique and interesting. Wood also works perfectly with surface protection preparations, creating material with a wide range of coloring. We offer many shades available in our offer. We owe them to the use of safe preparations. They give beautiful color to wooden surfaces and provide them with durability. We also offer the possibility of ordering samples. They will allow you to assess the actual shade of wood and adapt to the style of the interior. When choosing a wooden bed, we are sure that this is a classic piece of furniture for years. He will certainly go from generation to generation. High quality and precious material will make the attic bedroom an amazing, elegant character.

Bed collection entirely wooden Berke, includes beds: Ol, Flat and Short.

 Attic bedroom

Wood and metal - in a loft style>


The undeniable advantage of wood is that it combines perfectly with other materials and creates unique items. The combination of wood with metal elements is currently an extremely strong trend. It introduces an industrial or loft character into the interior. This combination is very simple and a bit harsh in its appearance, but it is in this simplicity that its whole charm lies. The attic bed made in technology combining natural wood with metal elements is very classic. It will not go out of fashion in a few years. At the same time, it will be a piece of furniture perfectly suited to current interior design trends. The most important feature that the bedroom bed in the attic should have is strength. When buying a piece of furniture made of wooden and metal elements, you guarantee the use of extremely durable raw materials. They will certainly serve many years. The metal frame and subtle, wooden elements will make you be able to enjoy a decent and elegant bed for a long time. In our offer it is a bed Som.wood oak Black or White (they differ in the color of a metal frame).


Upholstered bed - softness and functionality in one


Analyzing what bedroom bed for the attic will be perfect, do you see a soft piece of furniture in your head? Great! You will certainly like the collection of unusual upholstered beds. It is a perfect combination of comfort, stylish appearance and solid materials. Upholstered bedsWe have on offer is furniture made on a metal frame with the support of wooden elements. The combination of high -quality raw materials guarantees that under a beautiful, upholstered material there is a really solid base. We also offer our clients a huge selection of fabrics to create a bed upholstery. We know perfectly well that the choice of color is not easy, especially if we order furniture online. Therefore, you can order samples of materials in our store without any problem and view them live. This will allow you to assess the shade, texture and adaptation to the elements of your bedroom. We have a wide range of colors. Classic earth colors, romantic roses and heathers, as well as stylish emeralds and yellow. There are also classic black and gray. Everyone will certainly find a perfect shade for their unique interior.
In our offer you will find upholstered beds from the collection: Slim, Angel, Apricot, Piko, Con.

Attic bedroom 

What bedroom bed in the attic with a small area?


A small attic bedroom can be extremely stylish and functional. We created especially for the needs of our clients line beds with a container for storage. The container occupies the entire surface under the mattress, which provides a really giant storage. Thanks to this function, you can regain space in wardrobes and hide things that you don't need every day. In every situation, your small room will gain additional space, and you can organize a better organization of objects. A attic bed with a container you can choose both in wooden, as well as upholstered and mixed versions. You no longer have to choose whether functionality or aesthetics counts for you.
Review our offer, where you will find premium beds from the best materials and at affordable prices.

Attic bedroom



A minimalist attic bed?

Do you value quality and excellent materials, but you don't like fancy forms? We appreciate it as much as possible. We are also happy to meet your expectations. In our offer you will find an attic bed that has no headboard (bed Flat) or has them in a minimal form (bed Short). Their simple form and minimalist character will perfectly adapt to your interior. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a wooden or upholstered bed. Wood provides a truly raw look. It is natural and greatly blends with accessories in the Scandinavian, industrial or ethnic style. It will also be irreplaceable as a classic base of artistic interiors and simple decor. The upholstered bed without a headboard is a version that can introduce a little color to the minimalist room. Choose a shade of material, which you like and make your attic bedroom functional and stylish.

Each attic bedroom can become a unique and atmospheric place with Berke bed. Check out our offer and enjoy stylish premium quality furniture at a reasonable price.