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Bed with a container or drawer?

Storage space in the bedroom

In an aesthetically and functionally arranged interior, there should be spatial order. All items must have their place - sometimes in an ordinary wardrobe it turns out to be insufficient. It is no different in the case of bedrooms, especially small ones. Arranging them skillfully allows you to maintain order, making the space look neater and more transparent. To control the chaos in the bedroom, it is worth choosing a bed with storage space. On the furniture market, you can find beds with a classic container and beds with a drawer. We suggest which solution will work better!

A bed with a container or a drawer?

Bed with a bedding container

The bed made with a container has free storage space just under the frame with the mattress. To freely use the valuable space, simply raise the bed frame. The mechanism - most often spring-loaded - makes lifting and dropping the frame smoothly and without any major problems. A bed with a container is the optimal solution for a small bedroom. Thanks to the lifting structure, the furniture takes up little space while maintaining its practical use. Importantly, dust does not accumulate in beds with a storage compartment - certainly less than in beds without the storage compartment.

Collection of beds with storage: Angel , Con , Slim , Flat , More , Piko , OL

Access to the container is easy and should not cause any problems. Properly selected power of the gas lifts facilitates convenient opening of the container.

A bed with a container or a drawer?

Features of the container in a nutshell:

  • the container in our beds is 18 cm high and is located under the entire surface of the mattress, under the frame that lifts from the front;
  • the bottom of the container is made of 16mm thick laminated board;
  • the container's plates are independent elements, they stand on furniture legs, thanks to which the container has a very high load-bearing capacity and does not additionally burden the bed frame;
  • the legs of the container are adjustable, they are about 10 cm high - they have been adapted to the standard heights of Roomba vacuum cleaners;
  • furniture legs are moved to the center of the frame by about 15 cm from the side;
  • the bed container in size 160x200 has a volume of over 550l.

Bed with drawer

An alternative to a bed with a container is furniture equipped with a special drawer. This one, which slides out from the front or side of the bed, is an interesting solution not only because of its functionality, but also because of its aesthetic values. Importantly, thanks to the pull-out drawer, we do not have to worry that we will not be able to lift the frame. However, in order to fully use the advantages of the furniture, we must have a much larger bedroom than in the case of a bed with a container. A bedroom that is too narrow may make it difficult to fully extend the drawer. In addition, sliding in and out a drawer or a container that is not integrated with the bed may scratch the floor and cause excessive dust accumulation.

Application of a bed with a container

When purchasing a bed with storage space, consider its use. The drawers mentioned above are usually divided into several smaller parts. Naturally, their capacity may be somewhat limited. Especially if we want to hide something more than a spare set of bedding under the bed. In this case, a much better idea will be to choose a bed with a container that will easily accommodate items such as winter clothing, sports equipment, equipment boxes, toys, souvenirs and more. It is good that the height of such a container is at least 30 cm.

Do you value aesthetic and functional solutions? Do you want to control the mess in your bedroom? To arrange it, use a practical bed with a container, which will provide you with space to store bedding and many other things.
A bed with a container or a drawer?

Assembling the bed with a container is extremely simple. Click and watch the video "Assembling a bed with a Berke container. - YouTube"