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Desk in the living room - a place to work in the living room

Remote work, especially after the pandemic, has become very popular and has become a permanent fixture in our homes. Unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy such large spaces at home, especially in an apartment, to provide space for a separate office and a private office. However, does the desk necessarily have to be in a separate room? Let's find out that it's not. We can successfully arrange them in part of the living room or living room.

So how can you arrange a remote work space so that it doesn't take up a lot of space? How to choose furniture and what to consider when purchasing it to best fit it into the interior? We will try to answer these questions below.

Desk in the living room - a place to work in the living room

How to arrange an office in the living room? Ergonomics in the workplace

Organizing the living room space with a desk is not only a matter of functionality, but also ergonomics in the workplace. One of the considered places for a desk is its location near a window. This location guarantees an abundant amount of natural light, which promotes concentration and provides comfort for the eyes.

So what's the best way to position the desk in relation to the window in the living room or small living room? A common arrangement is to place a desk with the front facing the window. Watching the landscape or traffic can have a soothing effect on your mind while you work. An additional advantage is the ability to place plants outside the window, which additionally relaxes and distracts attention from the computer monitor.

An alternative may be to place the desk sideways to the window. It is also worth ensuring that a lamp is placed on the countertop, which will provide additional lighting if necessary. Choosing the right place for the desk in the living room will allow you to create a clear and aesthetic arrangement that will fit well with the character of the room.

What is necessary to make a home office elegant and functional?

Currently, working from home, i.e. the so-called home office has become very fashionable and convenient, for practically all of us - both employers and employees. Therefore, there is no indication that this state of affairs will change. Thanks to this, we save on renting an office and commuting. But what do we need most to make working at home as efficient as possible?

The basis, of course, is to allocate appropriate space, which we have already written about. There are many ways to do this effectively - we can use both a plaster wall and a standing shelf with an openwork structure. You can also perfectly match the desk to the styling of the rest of the living room.

In addition to separating the space, furniture is also important, specifically a desk and an office chair. The desk should suit our needs, especially in terms of its size and height. We should also adjust the office chair to our height and weight; it must be comfortable - after all, we will spend at least several hours a day on it! Otherwise, not only will we not be able to concentrate, but above all our back will suffer.

Desk in the living room - a place to work in the living room

Desk in the living room – what should you remember when buying this piece of furniture?

Depending on how much space we have in the living room, we should remember that the desk should not be too large, but let's not go to the other extreme. After all, the living room is a place to relax and meet your loved ones, which is why, firstly, the desk should not be the central piece of furniture, and secondly, it should not immediately catch our eye. This may have a negative impact on our relaxation after the whole day. Therefore, we should create such a private office out of the way, in a corner, without disturbing individual zones in the room.

However, as we wrote at the beginning, a classic desk in the living room cannot be too small, because it will become ineffective over time. To make working in a home office as comfortable as possible, we should have a countertop that is 75-80 cm deep and at least 100 cm long. The shape of the countertop is also important. For small rooms, a corner desk may work well as it will take up less space and still serve its purpose. It is also important that the desk has drawers and side cabinets. Thanks to this, we will not have to buy additional tools and organizers that take up space and would have to stand on the countertop. With drawers, we can hide all the necessary things in them, but they will not be visible.

How to visually enlarge an office in a small living room?

Finally, we must also touch on the problem of a small living room, where a work corner is necessary. So how can you make such a living room look larger? Most importantly, we don't need a hammer or money for this! All we need to do is use a simple trick. We will choose white. This universal color will optically expand even a narrow space.

Don't feel like painting the walls in the living room? In such a case, let's hang a mirror on them at the computer desk. When arranging an office in a relaxation area, just pay attention to what is reflected in it. Let's show the prettiest part of the living room, for example a shelf with books, a collection of paintings, a sofa with pillows, or a window, thanks to which we will introduce even more daylight, which is important for our functioning. Thanks to this, we will have the impression that there is another room behind us, separating the office corner or home office from the rest of the room.