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A small room for siblings - how to arrange it

Not all of us can afford for each of our children to have their own separate room, especially if we live in an apartment and not in a large house. However, it is worth looking at it from the other side and realizing that such a situation does not have to be a hopeless problem. After all, we can always plan a shared space for two people and create a room for siblings in such a way that each child has their own private corner and place to sleep, study and play.

So how to create a common room for siblings? Below we will show you some effective ways that will allow you to organize a room for two children in such a way that even a small space meets all the necessary needs. Regardless of whether there will be one younger and one older child, or siblings of different genders.

A small room for siblings - how to arrange it

Room for siblings - division of space

Organizing a room for siblings requires taking into account the basic rule - each child should have its own space. Regardless of age, each of them needs the opportunity to break away from the rest, sometimes just wanting to find a moment of peace with their favorite book or game. Even the most close-knit siblings may need their own space from time to time. How to achieve this in a common room? The simplest way is to divide the room into two separate zones - one for each child. Each zone must contain a bed, a desk or table, space for storing personal items and space for playing.

You can also use a color division of walls, furniture and bedding to emphasize the distinctiveness of each space. In larger rooms, it is possible to use practical solutions, such as sliding elements or screens, which will actually divide the room into zones for individual children. This solution will work great here, not only ensuring privacy, but also offering a place to store things. A clear division into zones dedicated to each sibling will be especially useful for children of different genders or ages who may sometimes need a moment for themselves.

A small room for siblings - how to arrange it

Bunk bed – when will it be useful?

To save as much space as possible in one room, we often use a bunk bed. But is this a good solution? It depends.

This will certainly be a good move for a room that is very small and where every centimeter counts. Then we can designate separate zones for playing and learning, and the bed can either separate them or constitute a separate, common element of a small room. A bunk bed will also work well for siblings of the same sex and, preferably, two children of similar age. Then there is no element of embarrassment or reluctance to sleep in the same bed.

This will definitely not work in a situation where the age difference between the children is significant. In such a situation, the room for siblings must consist of two separate beds. Arranging a children's room with two beds is also worth considering if we have space for it, thanks to which we give the child even more scope for independence and we are able to divide the room in such a way as to make one practically two separate rooms.

Study space in the siblings' room

The room for siblings should, of course, consist of a study zone dedicated to each child. It is a key element in organizing their children's room and cannot be neglected. Even if children prefer to study in a place other than at their desk, it is important that they have a comfortable and ergonomic place to work.

Therefore, one desk to divide is not enough - each child needs their own study space, where they can work whenever they want and organize their materials according to their own preferences.

The desk should also be adapted to the age and needs of the child. For preschoolers, a small desk with an adjustable top and space for drawing paper will be ideal. However, for older children and teenagers, it is better to choose a standard desk that can be adapted to individual preferences and room conditions.

An important aspect is, of course, also the right chair - for small children you can choose a special desk chair, while for older children it is better to invest in an ergonomic chair that will ensure proper posture and comfort during long hours of study.

A small room for siblings - how to arrange it

Children's room arrangement – ​​what colors to choose?

When dividing a room for siblings into two zones, it is worth using appropriate wall colors at the arrangement stage. In the case of children, we have a lot of possibilities. If we have a room for siblings consisting of a girl and a boy, the easiest way is to use pink and blue. If the children are a bit older, we can choose slightly more subdued colors and ask our children for their opinion on this matter, so that they will be able to influence the environment in which they will spend their daily lives.

Very often, however, neutral colors are the best solution, both for boys and girls. Yellow will make them optimistic and promote concentration, while shades of green will increase the sense of security and have a relaxing effect. Even safer are beige and gray, which calm down and make the room seem optically larger, which may be important in this case.

A small room for siblings - how to arrange it