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Furniture assembly - tips

You can assemble Berke furniture yourself. Clever solutions in the construction of Berke furniture minimize the time you will have to spend on their assembly. Assembling furniture has never been more fun! A few steps and the furniture is ready. Bed, chest of drawers, bedside table, coffee table : all Berke furniture created in response to the needs of our customers.

Assembling furniture - tips

Assembling furniture is a process that may seem complicated, especially for people who have no experience in this type of work. However, with the right knowledge and tools, furniture assembly can become easier and more enjoyable.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of assembling and assembling furniture, tips on preparing for assembly, as well as the costs associated with this service. We will also provide information on hiring a furniture assembly specialist and various assembly services available on the market.

Assembling furniture - how to do it quickly and efficiently

Assembling furniture, especially assembling kitchen furniture, can cause a lot of stress. Basic screwdrivers may not be enough. The huge number of small parts and detailed operating instructions can overwhelm even the most patient of us.

It is worth hiring a specialist who, even though he will charge an additional fee for the service, will assemble your furniture faster, using specialized tools. The approach of the assembly team ensures full professionalism.

Assembling furniture - tips

Assembling furniture yourself

We can successfully assemble some furniture on our own. If basic screwdrivers and other basic tools are enough, there is no need to hire a professional.

This is the case with Berke furniture. All our furniture includes self-assembly. The well-thought-out and simple design of the furniture makes it easy to assemble. At Berke, we meet customer expectations.

Assembling furniture - tips

Assembling furniture brings people together - quiet time spent together

Simple designs of a bed, wardrobe or other small interior design elements take into account economic and ergonomic considerations. By purchasing Berke furniture, you save time and money that you would otherwise have to spend on purchasing appropriate tools for assembling more complicated and, therefore, less durable furniture.

Selecting the installation location

The choice of where to assemble the furniture is crucial. Most often, we decide to install it at the destination place. When assembling furniture, we need additional space where we can arrange the components.

Glass elements in particular require additional attention from us. The cost of installing glass furniture is usually higher because it requires additional financial outlays for safety precautions, including additional insurance.

The furniture assembly price list usually also includes transport services. Smaller companies often offer furniture assembly at an affordable price.

Assembling furniture - tips

Comparison of furniture assembly: self-assembly of furniture vs. professional assembly

Delivery of furniture to your home is always an additional cost. Furniture companies often offer free deliveries. Professional assembly and arrangement of furniture are separate costs that you would have to incur when choosing furniture other than Berke furniture. Berke furniture safely packed in boxes will reach your home on time, and you can easily assemble it yourself or with a little help from another person.

We assemble furniture - how to make assembling furniture easier

Peace of mind is key when assembling furniture. First you need to set aside the right amount of time. Allow yourself more time than you think. When assembling furniture, we often overestimate our capabilities.

Prepare small bags for screws, screws and other small assembly elements. Also make sure you have the right tools. Bring all of them to the place where the furniture assembly will take place. Put them in one place and put them back after each use.

Also bring a trash can and a dustpan with a broom or a cordless vacuum cleaner. This will help you organize the space on an ongoing basis and minimize the risk of mistakes when assembling furniture.

By following all these rules, you can successfully assemble even a large wardrobe.

Assembling furniture - tips

Basics of assembling and assembling furniture

Assembling and assembling furniture is a process that requires taking into account several important aspects. First of all, it is worth reading the assembly instructions and checking whether all the elements are available. You should also ensure that the workplace is properly prepared and the necessary tools are selected.

How to assemble furniture: step by step furniture assembly

The process of assembling furniture may vary depending on the type of furniture, but there are several universal steps that are worth following:

  1. Preparing the workplace - make sure you have enough space to work and good visibility.

  2. Read the assembly instructions - Read the assembly instructions to understand the order in which the individual components should be assembled.

  3. Organize the furniture elements - lay out all the furniture parts on the floor to easily identify them and check if anything is missing.

  4. Prepare your tools - make sure you have all the necessary tools for furniture assembly, such as a screwdriver, hammer or Allen key.

  5. Assemble the furniture according to the instructions - follow the instructions step by step, assembling the individual elements of the furniture.

  6. Check the quality of assembly - after assembling the furniture, check its stability and whether all elements are properly attached.

Preparation for furniture assembly - assembling furniture from the beginning

Before you start assembling the furniture, it is worth ensuring that the workplace is properly prepared . Make sure you have enough space to work and good visibility.

Also prepare the necessary tools , such as a screwdriver, hammer or Allen key. It is also worth checking whether all furniture elements are available and whether the assembly instructions are clear and understandable.

Assembling furniture - tips

The cost of assembling furniture

The cost of assembling furniture may vary depending on many factors, such as the type of furniture, its size and the complexity of assembly. These costs include both the costs of materials , such as screws, screws and dowels, as well as the costs of assembly services if we decide to hire a specialist. It is worth paying attention to the price list of assembly services and comparing offers from various companies to choose the best option.

My next pieces of furniture usually have lower assembly costs. Therefore, it is worth preparing well before ordering a furniture assembly service so that you can order as many pieces of furniture as possible for assembly at one time. We can then negotiate the price or take advantage of discounts for ordering more services.

How to use the manual?

At Berke, we care about customer comfort. Using our instructions is easy and intuitive. Instructions are also available in our online store. Choose any form of using the assembly instructions. Remember that you can always contact our store's customer service department. If you encounter a problem, we will solve it efficiently.