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Glamor style bedroom. How to arrange it?

Glamor style bedroom is a combination of comfort and elegance. The style widespread by Hollywood stars in the 1940s is now classic. In the interior in the glamor style, every woman can feel like a red carpet regulator. We have a few tips for you,  How to create a luxurious bedroom, while avoiding the impression of kitsch. FROM Anyone can introduce a bit of imagination, glow and elegance to their bedroom!


Features of the glamor style


What distinguishes glamor -style rooms from the average interior is primarily furniture. Massive, carved furniture, referring to the style of decorations to the baroque timesQuilted seats and beds, covered with shiny fabrics and comfortable pillows. Everything is illuminated with elegant lamps, chandeliers, mirrors or candles. The dominant colors in glamor rooms are usually: gold, red, natural brown or delicate pink. However, it should be remembered that the final appearance of the bedroom should be adapted to your preferences and taste.

Glamor style bedroom. How to arrange it?


Various variations of the glamor style


Depending on what trend of glamor style suits you, we can choose the various variations:

  • Modern glamor from the middle of the century. In a modern glam from the middle of the century you will find a mixture of glamor materials. Ttakich like legs with a golden finish, a mirror frame with diamond dust and other metallic shades.
  • Coastal glamor -style decor. The coastal decor of Glam emphasizes the seaside appearance with traditional and luxurious accents. Think of silver plates, curved legs and metallic frames. This style is the perfect look for those who have houses on the coast or nearby, but do not want a free beach style that is so common nowadays. Also ideal for formal parties at home.
  • A contemporary glamor style house. In modern roomsin the style of glamor, As the main event, a contemporary sofa will appear - with a decor inspired by a glam style integrated around. Try to complement the modern sofa with accessories with metallic gloss, shiny pillows, a rug in gold or silver and/or gold or silver wall decoration.
  • Hollywood glam decor. The interior design in the style of Hollywood Glamor is a love note to look, which is associated with the era of Hollywood 30 years old or the golden age of Hollywood. Because this style was created at the same time as half of the century, forms and shapes are its distinguishing feature.

Glamor style bedroom. How to arrange it?


Bed as a central Glamor bedroom


An indispensable element of glamor styling is the bed. And not just any, but a truly royal bed!
A large bed is not only the quintessence of a luxury bedroom. It is also a guarantee of relaxing evenings and well sleeping nights. Among our products you will find a wide collection of beds tailored to various glamor variations. Let's take a closer look at them.

Piko - A beautiful bed with a large headboard, upholstered with soft quilted material to increase the comfort of use and aesthetic values.

 - double -sided upholstered, slender headboard, with symmetrically cut sides; Composition dedicated to the original interior.

 - upholstered bed with a profiled headboard and visible stitching on the material; Model created for comfort of use.

 - The upholstered bed with a 14 cm thick rectangular headboard impresses with pure form and solidity.

 - the most classic bed and most often bought by customers; A narrow and straight form of the headboard available in various color variants.


Glamor style bedroom. How to arrange it? 

If you can't decide on the color of wood dyeing or fabric, the easiest way is Order of samples or write to us to the address


Let your lighting reflect your style

Lighting is also very important in the glamor style. Remember that it is primarily about drama, so you can let your imagination run wild and set them even in a theatrical way. If you see too big, shiny chandelier, which practically blinds you with shiny crystals, do it! And don't be afraid to decorate the walls with gold or silver wall lamps, preferably decorated with sequins, if possible.

If you prefer hanging lighting, consider a nice pink metal pendant. Also, don't forget to add a few shiny table lamps to any flat surface at home. The more light it falls on all shiny or mirror objects, the better!

Glamor is just sequins, trinkets, mirrors and light and beautiful velvet materials. In our offer you will find a wide range collection of fabrics upholstered tailored to the glamor style.

Surround yourself with luxury and create a shiny modern bedroom in which you can really relax. Regardless of the choice of color, dark and evenblack bedroom It can gain an amazing atmosphere by using appropriate lighting.


Because even the smallest details are important!

  1. Vintage style rug
    You can definitely play with an oriental or damask pattern. These patterns blend well with a velvet finish of the glamor bed.

  2. Metallic accents
    Because furniture with mirrors can be expensive, there are many other ways to decorate the house with metals. One of the ideas is the purchase of small metallic accents in one metal (chrome, nickel, gold, brass) to maintain consistency. Among them, among others, various types of figurines or photo frames.

  3. Velvet furniture
    Velvet is a luxurious material commonly found in modern glamor -style interiors. You can opt for velvet sofas, velvet chairs and more. This material is easy to clean and very pleasant to the touch. Take a look at our offer.

  4. Carpets and pillows with animal patterns
    Animal motifs, such as rugs with a tiger print, zebra and cheetah or rugs and cushions of cow leather, are an exotic way to decorate your bedroom. You will gain additional points if there are also metal elements on the fabric!

  5. Mirrors with a golden frame
    The golden frame mirror is the perfect addition to any sophisticated room. You can opt for a simple and choose a minimalist glamor look or choose a French -style golden mirror and choose a spectacular decadence.


Glamor style bedroom. How to arrange it?

Choose the right mattress!

Arranging the bedroom, apart from the matter of its decor, one should not forget that it is to provide us with the best dream and a healthy spine. The bed frame is obviously very important and must be solidly made to ensure stability, but the right mattress is even more important to the health of our spine. In our store's offer outside the bed you can buy perfectly fitted, Comfortable Tempur mattresses tailored to your preferences of use.

See how luxurious can be resting every night, by choosing the right beds with the highest quality mattress for a better arrangement of your figure at night.