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Guest room and home office in one - how to equip?

Nowadays many people work from home. That is why more and more of us are wondering how to combine a guest room and a home office in one room. This applies primarily to owners of apartments and small houses who do not have an extra room in which they could work. So how to cleverly use space to create a functional and stylish room? Just a little creativity and your living room will become your home office!


Guest room and home office in one - how to equip?


Guest room as an office? It's possible!

Using a guest room as a home office is a great solution for people who rarely have guests. It will also work well in an apartment, where the office and the hour room must be in one room. After all, nowadays, when remote work is becoming more and more popular, it is worth creating a comfortable and functional place to work. It is worth remembering, however, that such a solution requires a bit more work when planning the arrangement.


Guest room and home office in one - how to equip?


How to stylishly arrange a guest room?

To combine a guest room and a home office in one, it is worth starting with planning the arrangement. It is worth considering what function the room is to fulfill - whether it will be used only for work or will it serve as a guest room. This will allow us to choose the right furniture, colors and accessories, which will then affect the efficiency of our work, but also allow our guests to relax and rest from time to time.

In the case of combining a guest room with an office, it will be great to choose furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics. A good idea is a small desk with a built-in bookshelf, a cabinet for documents and drawers for small items. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about where to store documents or office accessories, and when guests arrive, we always have a place to put small snacks.

It is also important to remember about the comfort of our guests. In the guest room, it is worth placing a sofa or bed, as well as a bedside table or a wardrobe. Thanks to this, our guests will have a comfortable rest.


A small guest room in the form of an office - what should we remember?

If you have a small space, it is worth betting on a modern style, and thus, on a minimalist arrangement. In a small guest room, it is worth choosing light colors that will optically enlarge the room. A small office can be equipped with a desk with built-in drawers and shelves, thanks to which we will save space for additional furniture.

You should also remember about good lighting - if we do not have access to natural light, it is worth betting on bright desk lamps that will give us adequate lighting for work. It is also important that the furniture is functional and takes up as little space as possible. We can choose a desk with adjustable height, which will allow us to adjust it to our needs.


Guest room and home office in one - how to equip?


Office in the living room - what colors and accessories?

If we combine a home office with a living room, it is worth considering the appropriate colors and accessories. In the living room, as we have already mentioned, bright and friendly colors usually prevail, so it is worth choosing the same style for the office. Bright walls, furniture in pastel shades or accessories in the color of powder pink or delicate blue are a perfect solution.

It is also worth considering accessories that will connect the guest room and the office. For example, if we have a gray carpet in the living room, we can choose a chair and curtains in the same color for the office. In this way, we will combine the entire space and create a coherent arrangement.

As we can see, the combination of a guest room and a home office is a perfect solution for people who value functionality and comfort. It is important to plan the arrangement well and choose furniture that will combine aesthetics and functionality. Well-chosen colors and accessories will allow you to create a coherent and friendly space, both for guests and for work. Let us remember that furnishing such a room is an investment for a long time, so it is worth spending some time planning and choosing the right furniture and accessories that will affect the comfort of work and rest of your loved ones.


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