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Guest room - inspiration. How to arrange a guest room?

Guest room - inspirations. How to arrange a guest room?

The guest room can be called a mini apartment in a nutshell. After all, this is the space that our guests should use to the maximum. It should be used primarily for rest and sleep, but also for storing your suitcases and clothes. There are a lot of guest room arrangements, so it is worth thinking about this space in such a way that it is cozy. So how to arrange an hour room so that our family and friends feel fully comfortable in it and leave only nice memories there?

Guest room - above all, practicality and comfort

When deciding on the decor of the guest room, we should focus primarily on practical equipment. As we have already written, it is a kind of apartment in a nutshell. On the other hand, we cannot put everything into such a room. So what should you remember first?

A comfortable bed is essential

A comfortable bed is extremely important, preferably one with a minimum width of 120 centimeters. Thanks to this, two people can fit on it. It is also worth thinking about choosing a bed with a large container . Then we will also be able to store bedding or towels for guests in it. If finances allow, let's put a pine bed and small armchairs in the company of flora.

Roomy wardrobe

If we want to arrange a guest room well, we cannot forget about a capacious, two-door wardrobe that will be able to accommodate the equipment of our loved ones' suitcases. It is good if it is equipped with LED lighting and a silent closing system. It will work mainly when our guests will be unpacking late in the evening or packing early in the morning.

Bedside table

Nothing will please our friends more than a well-thought-outbedside table . Let's put a small bedside lamp, a tablet and phone holder and a charger on it - you won't need anything else to be happy, but of course we can't forget about a bedside table for your guests.

Let's decorate the interior with accessories

The guest room is not only functional. Therefore, if we want to arrange a guest room in a good atmosphere, let's decorate our guest room with accessories such as soft pillows, blankets, a decorative mirror, paintings or pots with green plants. Without a doubt, this will positively affect the coziness of the room. Also, place a vase of fresh flowers in the center of the room to welcome guests, especially if you want to make your guests' stay more pleasant and give them a cozy effect and bright decor.

How to arrange a guest room - proven solutions

A modern guest room, regardless of the style we arrange it in, should have the necessary elements, without which its functionality will be significantly reduced. In addition, remember to free such space from personal items. We should give guests the feeling that they are in a neutral, hotel-like place. Therefore, the arrangements of the guest room should do without personal items. Let's equip the guest room with the following elements:

  • welcome card,
  • small toilet set,
  • A set of fresh towels,
  • A small bottle of water with glasses,
  • Flowers,
  • Night lamp,
  • notebook and pen,
  • WIFI password,
  • An additional blanket and a scented candle to create a pleasant atmosphere.

What style to choose in the guest room?

Before we decide on a specific style of guest room, let's think about what we will use this space for when there are no guests. Most often, such a guest room is chosen by people who have a large house and the additional space remains empty most of the time. In addition, such an area is an ideal solution for people who often host family or friends and want to greet them kindly, also offering them accommodation. Then the arrangement of the guest room with a fold-out sofa with a vintage design will be perfect. It is also worth betting in the guest room on a fragrant mist of beautiful fragrances, elements of shabby styles, necessary furniture in any style and natural materials, thanks to which visitors will feel at home in our house. It would be good to have a welcome card and a card with the wi-fi password for your guests on the bedside table. Let's remove personal items from the guest room.

A guest room with a universal design and the use of practical furniture, pastel colors and light shades of wood is very important. If this is the case for you, we recommend that you keep a coherent concept of the entire apartment or house in this separate room. It is best if in a small room we find the so-called. the golden mean between your style and hotel chic. Let us remember, however, that the guest room should be open to the guests arriving there, so it cannot be a personalized room, because then the guests will not feel "at home". It's good if there is a pastel pink and an upholstered bed model in the guest room.

Guest room - inspirations. How to arrange a guest room?

How to furnish a guest room?

We have already outlined briefly what purpose and character a guest room should have. We already know what is the necessary equipment for such a guest room. Now we will try to put everything together and summarize the perfect furnishing of the room for our loved ones, while dispelling some doubts that often arise. The most common of them include:

Couch or bed?

The guest room is a compromise between comfort and functionality. From a functional point of view, a sofa with a sleeping function will be better, especially if we have a small guest room. It takes up less space, and often has space for bedding. However, a compromise can be a double bed, which will have an elegant headboard and a container for bedding.

Wardrobe or bedside table?

It's best if we find a place for both the wardrobe and the bedside table, even if we can't fit the coffee table anymore. In addition, let's make sure that the wardrobe has a section for hanging clothes, but also for arranging them. Let's provide guests with several hangers, thanks to which they will feel at home.

A desk or a dressing table for the guest room?

Finally, the last question that often bothers us. If we are unable to put both a desk and a dressing table , then choose the latter option. The dressing table, unlike the desk, will work both as a place to write "a few words" and to apply make-up. A relaxing stay and a pleasant atmosphere will certainly be ensured by furniture made of natural wood.

Extras for guest convenience

Let's not forget about stylish and natural accessories. By such additions we mean, for example, an illuminated mirror, fresh flowers, a nice tripod for a phone or tablet, scented candles or a coffee table that will provide tenants with maximum comfort and the feeling that guests will feel like in a real hotel.

Guest room - inspirations. How to arrange a guest room?