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Ideas for the ceiling in the bedroom

Traditional or maybe non -standard? What ceiling should we choose for your dream bedroom? Undoubtedly, it is true that custom ceilings can enrich the atmosphere of the room, especially when we have a small surface. Nevertheless, the final opinion depends to ourselves - after all, it is in the bedroom that we feel as comfortable as possible. It is a place where we rest and collect strength for the next day. That is why we will show you some ideas for an interesting arrangement of the ceiling, but if you think that you feel best in classic white, this is how the ceiling in your bedroom should look like.

 Ideas for the ceiling in the bedroom



Ceiling in the bedroom - what technology should you choose?


The times when the ceiling was simply painted with white paint, they slowly go into oblivion. Currently, to choose the right type of ceiling, we should first decide on the appropriate technology. The development of technology, also in such a field as construction brought new, interesting solutions, which do not necessarily have to revive the ceiling in the bedroom, but they will definitely make the quality of workmanship at the highest level, and we will be able to look at the ceiling with proudly for years, lying On a comfortable bed.




Suspended ceiling in the bedroom


This is currently one of the most popular solutions. For this purpose, a drywall is mounted on the ceiling. This is a fairly simple method that can give a great impression. We can install interesting, moody lighting in such a suspended ceiling, which will be perfect during the evenings for two. The downside of this type of ceiling, in turn, is its strength. It is very easy to damage or flood it.

Ideas for the ceiling in the bedroom 



DPS - a modern idea for a ceiling


This is currently the most modern solution, which is designed especially for ceilings. So what is DPS technology? These are flexible, resistant to damage and easy to maintain membranes made of PVC, which, unlike the suspended ceiling, we can personalize or choose from the palette of many colors from the palette. However, this is not all, because on request we can also receive a ready ceiling with printed any graphics. If we add the appropriate lighting to it, we will finally get an amazing effect. As for the coating itself - here we have many options to choose from - matte, shiny, transparent and even mirror. It is also worth mentioning that the DPS coatings are very durable, even for flooding!




Black ceiling in the bedroom


Time to solve a bit crazy, but more and more often used. The black ceiling, however, can break out of the classic interior painting scheme, intrigue and delight, especially if we combine the black ceiling with other wall colors. If we cover the walls with a light pastel color, then we will significantly reduce the impression of heaviness and do not overwhelm the interior. Black will then be only a complement to the bedroom decor. The black ceiling is also a great move when we have a small but high bedroom. Using this color on the ceiling, we will slightly reduce it, and the space will become much shapely.




Or maybe boards and beams?


Hearing about boards on the ceiling, many people imagine perfectly known paneling? Fortunately, these times have passed and modern arrangements of ceilings are made of beautiful wood, in the form of boards, beams or combining these two solutions. Such a method will be perfect if we have a lot of imperfections on the ceiling or we are fans of the rustic, Provencal or Scandinavian style. Currently, we can choose a really wide range of boards and beams, which is why everyone will find a copy that will meet all expectations.

Ideas for the ceiling in the bedroom