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Modern bedroom in 2022 - how to arrange?

A fashionable bedroom is a bedroom that will be fully adapted to our needs. Then we will also feel confident, free and comfortable in it. Let's think about What we need most, which calms us down and introduces us in a good mood. We should use such elements to arrange our own bedroom. The multitude of duties and stress can overwhelm us, especially in such difficult times. Which is why We should leave all worries behind the bedroom door. By entering it, we must have a sense of security and mute. The bedroom should be An oasis of peace, comfort and relaxation. To keep a fashionable decor, of course, we can get some advice, which we will present below, but Interior designers primarily focus on comfort and use of colors that calm down our nervous system.


Modern bedroom - what color should you choose?

The color of the interior is very important, and especially the color of the bedroom interior. Over there This season, colors inspired by nature, i.e. pastel colors, earth colors reign. So as we can see, the range of bedroom colors turns towards the boho style. Colors such as Orange, cinnamon red, exotic shades of yellow and green, as well as terracotta. Of course, this does not mean that the timeless classic is forgotten. The most classic is still popular, bcolor, as well as royal blue. These are very expressive and soothing colors, which is why interior designers do not run away from such ideas. What about equally popular gray? This one is still, but in a slightly different form. It is replaced by The colors of butter white, gypsum sculpture or ivory.


Modern bedroom, and the bed

As we have already mentioned, modernity in 2022 largely means minimalism and comfort. This also applies to small rooms, which should not be cluttered by unnecessary accessories and furniture. This season, let's focus on falling light and a lot of space. Nevertheless, in all minimalism, there should be one piece of furniture that will be the most expressive element of the whole decor and it is definitely a bed. In 2022, a small bed made of wood in straw or dark brown color will reign. It will largely be inspired by furniture Japanese design, So with a solid frame, comfortable mattress and an elegant headboard above the bed. Both artists in the style of art are on top. Deco, as well as openwork in the boho style.

Modern bedroom in 2022 - how to arrange?

Modern style bedroom - wall behind the bed

An elegant and stylish headrest is, of course, one of the wall elements behind the bed, but this is not ended. In a modern bedroom, we have a very large choice. We can use decorative, patterned wallpaper. They are still on the top with floral, plant, animal and geometric patterns. If we do not want to decide on wallpaper, then lamellas can also be a great solution, So long wooden slats mounted on the wall by the bed. They refer to the Japandi style, But they will work in virtually every other. A similar solution will also be decorative panels and even panels covered with plush, which resembles a headrest.

Modern style of the bedroom - remember about these styles

As we have already mentioned, comfort and comfort are the two most important features when arranging the bedroom in 2022. However, we cannot forget about certain frames that we should stick to. Therefore, below we present three styles, which especially refer to the above aspects.

  • Warm minimalism - It is drawing from several styles. We speak here primarily about Art Deco, Japanese style and Japandi style, which combines Japanese and Norwegian style. In the case of a warm minimalism, we should create an economical stylization where it will rule neutral color palette, Warm shades that will be found not only on the walls, but also of furniture. Let's choose simple and functional furniture and use natural raw materials such as wood or stone.

    Modern bedroom in 2022 - how to arrange?

  • Japandi - is This is a style that we have already mentioned a bit, But we can't fail to mention directly. The decorants of many bedrooms in 2022 will be based on wooden furniture and pastel colors. If we add to this set low, comfortable bed, wooden or braid headboard and we get rid of unnecessary accessories, this will be created for us even tailored to the current needs and expectations.

    Modern bedroom in 2022 - how to arrange?

  • Retro style - As in fashion, so in interior design - history has come across a circle. What was fashionable 30 years ago and for the last few years we threw it into the garbage, he begins to return to favor again. Which is why This year, it is very popular to establish, primarily the design for past decades. The so -called Mid-Century Modern, as well as a slightly psychedelic style from the 1970s and 1980s! We are talking here about fabrics in saturated colors, wall units or large, of round shaped armchairs.

    Modern bedroom in 2022 - how to arrange?

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