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Nap during the day - how long should it last?

More and more of us complain about the quality of sleep. Of course, it is responsible for accumulating fatigue, lifestyle, diet or mattress quality. A great solution in this situation can be a nap during the day, which for many is a godsend that allows you to gain additional strength, refresh the mind and give other benefits to the body and our mood. Therefore, it is worth spending 20-30 minutes, preferably in the afternoon and making a nap, which reduces the level of noticeable stress, stimulates our creativity and provides a lot of energy for the second half of the day. During such a dream, hormones such as adrenaline or noradrenaline are released in the body, which stimulate the heart rhythm and affect the blood supply to the brain. So how much should the perfect nap during the day and how does our effectiveness affect?




Afternoon nap - is it healthy?


Many people struggle during the day with a decrease in effectiveness at work. Tiredness, yawning, sometimes a headache sometimes means that we don't think about anything but rest. Then we also usually reach for another coffee or unhealthy energy drinks. Salvation, however, may be a short, afternoon nap, thanks to which the disturbed life functions will return to normal. As a result, our efficiency will increase very quickly, we will be easier to remember all information, get rid of tension and stress, due to a decrease in cortisol levels. The right amount of sleep can also significantly reduce the risk of many civilization diseases, such as hypertension or heart attack.


Nap during the day - how long should it last?




Nap during the day - how much should it last?


If we already know that the nap is very healthy in itself, it is also worth finding out how much it should last. We should remember not to start her too early and too late. Why? Well, with such activities we can disturb our day mode, and thus, it will be hard for us to fall asleep in the evening. Too short nap will not fulfill its role and instead of affecting us refreshing, it will only stimulate our irritability and the desire for sleep. So how much should she last? It is best if we fit in the range of 20-30 minutes. Let's not exceed this time not to enter the second phase of sleep, i.e. the deep sleep phase, from which it will be much more difficult for us to return to our daily duties.


Naps during the day after a sleepless night?


Are naps during the day after a hard, sleepless night also a good idea to improve our functioning? According to specialists from the French Université Paris Descartes, such a break can be beneficial - "our data suggest that a 30 -minute nap can withdraw hormonal changes caused by poorly sleeping at night" - says Dr. Brice Faraut. After an unfastened night in our body is far in our body More hormones responsible for stress, and less supporting its fighting. A half -hour nap allows us to normalize these levels, thanks to which we can significantly reduce the negative effects of a sleepless night.

 Nap during the day - how long should it last? 



Sleeping during the day for the heart


As we have already mentioned, short naps during the day are beneficial not only on our efficiency, stress, pressure, but also on the work of the heart. Extensive studies of universities in Athens have shown that people cutting their afternoon, 20-minute nap have up to 34% lower risk of death due to coronary artery disease! This, of course, also translates into improving blood pressure parameters, and especially to our mood, vigilance or creativity.


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