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Sleeping position - on which side to sleep?

Nearly half of Poles complain of sleep problems.  So what is the best position for our health? On the side, on the back, or maybe on the stomach? 

Sleeping position - on which side to sleep? 


What is the best sleeping position for the heart?


The heart is one of the most important, if not the most important organ in our body. Therefore, we should take care of it properly.  In their case, sleeping on the left side will be the best item. It is this position that supports the proper functioning of the circulatory and immune systems.  We relieve the heart on the left side,  Sleeping on the left side also regulates digestive processes, improves the work of the pancreas and spleen,  It improves metabolism!

Sleeping position - on which side to sleep? 


And for whom for a back?


Sleeping on the back has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. To the main pros  In this position, the weight of the body is best spread.  The ponds are most relieved Sleeping on your back makes breathing difficult,  People with a nasal septum and snoring curve should be careful about this position.

Sleeping position - on which side to sleep? 


Sleeping on the left side


Sleeping on the left side has many advantages and is very beneficial for our body. Due to the aortic arrangement the work of the digestive system is improved metabolism improves indicated for people who complain of gastrointestinal reflux For women in advanced pregnancy In this position, blood flow to the heart, kidneys and uterus is significantly improved The liver is relieved.



So what is the best sleeping item?


Sleep is an extremely important time for our body a few aspects must rip  sleeping hours, mattress, bed setting,  the position in which he sleeps There is no one position that was best We have problems with the spine, breathing, joints or heart, we should choose a different position.

Sleeping on the stomach, however, is considered the worst position to sleep,  We unscrew the neck unnaturally, we can lead to ischemia of hands and their numbness, and also press almost all internal organs, including the stomach, which in effect can lead to reflux, heartburn or discomfort in the intestines.

Sleeping on the back is a much better solution This is not an ideal item either. Ednak, we can not recommend sleeping in this position to asthmatics and people with a nasal septum curve. 

what about the right sideM, which we have not mentioned yet? As he claims JEden of the most famous sleep trainers, i.e. Nick Littlehales, Such a body arrangement is the best solution for left -handed people. Even greater effectiveness, in turn, can bring an embryonic position when we sleep on the right side.

At which side should you sleep with a sick heart?   In addition, the pancreas and the spleen work better, digestive processes are improved, as well as the lymph flow process.

Sleeping position - on which side to sleep? 

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