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How to set the bed in a small bedroom?

It is not always easy to move and feel comfortable in a small bedroom. This is a great impact on this proper positioning of the bed, which can guarantee us full comfort during sleep, but also to organize the whole space well. The bedroom should not above all overwhelm us and give the cluttered impression. This is a place where free access is important not only to bed, but also to the wardrobe, dressers, windows or shelves on the wall - even in the case of a limited surface. So how do you choose from this situation and what to do to ensure good quality of functioning in this room?

How to set the bed in a small bedroom? 


Bed under the window - is this the right solution?


Most often, during a decision where the bed should stand in the bedroom, we hesitate between two locations - under the window and by the wall. Most often we meet with a situation where the bed is set as a central element, in the middle of the wall opposite the door, and sometimes even in the middle of the room. This is of course a good solution, but not always possible to realize - especially when we have a small bedroom. Then it is worth deciding to set the bed in the bedroom in a way where the window will be behind the bed. Of course, we follow the principles of feng shui energy (which advise against such practices), but with practicality. Then we should also remember That the bed would not make access to the window difficult. Where should we put our heads in this case? Guided by logic and convenience, we should have a head towards the window. In this case, there is a great chance for a good sleep And we have less likely that we will be very early by the sun shining and heating during the day.



Or maybe the bed sideways to the wall?


In this case really It all depends on whether we have a single or double bed. In the first case, placing the bed sideways to the wall, and even in the corner of the room It can be a shot in the proverbial "10". We gain a lot of space, and our sleep comfort will not be ruined. Let's just remember that it is not a wall with a radiator. If we have no choice, let's keep at least 20-50 cm distance - Thanks to this, it will be a much healthier solution for our body that will allow you to enjoy a better sleep to be able to get up to work during the day. If we have in the bedroom in turn double bed, this The proposed solution should be ruled out. Firstly We will not be able to set the night cabinet for another person, and secondly one of the people in the evening will not have a free entry into the bed, And in turn, in the morning he will come down because it will be moved to the wall.

How to set the bed in a small bedroom? 


How can you set the bed in a narrow bedroom?


The long and narrow bedroom room at home, unfortunately, is not conducive to free arrangement of the interior, and certainly is not conducive to setting the bed. If we want to comfort something, we can say through tears that we often do not have too much room for maneuver. In the case of a bedroom with a window, place the bed under it. For a healthy sleep, it will certainly be of great importance to setting the bed by the wall opposite to the window, But we don't always have the opportunity to do so. It is even worse then When the bedroom is in the attic. Then we are also limited by slants - in such a situation we must think and adapt not only the bed, which is best if it has low headboard, but also other chests of drawers or broadly understood furniture.


Where is the best not to set the bed in a narrow bedroom?


Often setting the bed in a small room, we focus only on the sizes and possibilities of arranging the largest possible surface. This approach, however, is sometimes misleading, because we should remember that not only a small bedroom limits us. It is also very important to set up windows and doors, as well as how to arrange sockets and radiators. These are aspects that should be taken into account. We should not set the bed in the bedroom directly at the radiator or at the door. It will also be impractical to cover the bed of electrical sockets, which we probably don't have much in a small bedroom.

How to set the bed in a small bedroom? 

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