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Types of upholstery fabrics - which one to choose?

The interior of our home is a place where we spend a lot of time, relaxing after a hard day and spending time with loved ones. To ensure comfort and cosiness for yourself and your guests, it is important that the furniture is not only functional, but also aesthetic. Upholstery fabrics play a key role in shaping the appearance of our furniture, as well as in ensuring comfort of use. A sofa, an armchair, a chair or a corner sofa are just some of the pieces of furniture that we like to use in the living room. Therefore, below we will take a closer look at the different types of upholstery fabrics, discuss their characteristics and suggest what to look for when choosing the perfect upholstery material.

Types of upholstery fabrics - which one to choose?

Upholstery material - what is it and what is it used for?

Material or upholstery fabric is a term for both furniture and upholstery. However, they differ from each other due to the way they are made and the type of materials used. Among them, we can distinguish such species as jacquards, altars, alcantaras, imitation leather, plush, various types of braids and flocks.

Upholstery material is usually used for renovation and production of furniture, such as armchairs, sofas and pouffes. Such material can also be impregnated, creating a special coating that protects against dirt and abrasion. In addition, upholstered furniture may have a coating that prevents staining and bacteria retention.

Types of upholstery fabrics - which one to choose?

Types of upholstery fabrics - characteristics

Upholstery fabrics differ mainly in terms of composition, structure, pattern, durability and functional properties. The choice of the right upholstery material depends mainly on our individual preferences, the style of the interior and the type of furniture we want to cover. Here are some popular types of upholstery fabrics that we use most often:

  • Cotton - is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics. It is natural, soft to the touch and airy. Perfect for summer days as it does not attract heat. Cotton fabrics come in various structures and colors, which allows them to be adapted to various interior styles. Such upholstery fabric is also characterized by high resistance to UV rays and external factors.
  • Polyester - polyester fabrics are resistant to pilling and fading, making them durable and easy to care for. They are also stain resistant, making them an ideal choice for families with children or pets. The possibility of using such upholstery fabrics in many complex patterns makes polyester fabrics versatile and suitable for many arrangements.
  • Velor - it is a soft, velvety fabric with a luxurious look. Its surface has a delicate structure that gives the furniture an elegant character. Velor is often used to cover sofas and armchairs in stylish interiors. It also fits perfectly with modern furniture, and good quality velor is also resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage.
  • Leather - in turn, is a luxurious material that adds a prestigious look to the interior. It is usually durable and easy to clean, which makes it an excellent choice for people looking for an upholstery fabric with a long life. This type of upholstery fabrics is also often used to renovate furniture.
  • Microfiber - is a synthetic fabric that mimics the texture of the skin. It is soft, durable and easy to clean. It is perfect for modern and minimalist interiors. The characteristic feature of this material is the fact that it emphasizes the character of the interior, and at the same time is very pleasant to the touch due to its delicate surface.

Upholstery fabrics - what parameters are the most important when choosing?

When choosing an upholstery fabric for our furniture, it is worth paying attention to several key parameters that will ultimately affect the comfort of use and durability of the upholstery:

  • Abrasion resistance - this parameter determines how resistant the fabric is to abrasion and abrasion. High abrasion resistance is especially important for furniture that is used intensively, such as sofas or armchairs in the living room.
  • Degree of stain resistance - if you have children or pets, it is worth paying attention to the stain resistance of the fabric. Some fabrics have special coatings that make it easier to remove dirt.
  • Appearance and texture - the choice of the appropriate pattern and texture of the fabric depends on the style of our interior and individual preferences. Some fabrics have a smooth surface, while others have a unique structure.
  • Breathability - depending on our preferences and the season, it is worth paying attention to the breathability of the fabric. On summer days, this can be of great importance for the comfort of using furniture.
  • Convenience of cleaning - when choosing an upholstery fabric, it is worth considering how easy it will be to clean. Some fabrics require special care, while others can be cleaned with ordinary detergents.

Types of upholstery fabrics - which one to choose?

What upholstery fabrics to choose?

Before choosing the right upholstery material for a sofa or a corner sofa, it is worth taking a close look at the fabrics available in the store. The choice depends on the features that are most important to us and on how we want our furniture to look. If we prefer classic upholstery fabrics, we can pay attention to braid or natural leather, which usually has a shiny material. If, in turn, we care about technical properties, we should choose slightly thicker upholstery fabrics with high abrasion resistance. Currently, plush fabrics, velvet and velor are also fashionable.

However, regardless of the color, structure or durability, when choosing a fabric for a corner, armchair or sofa, it is worth being guided primarily by your own taste and adapting the finish to our idea for interior design. Of course, it is also worth taking into account the technical parameters of the fabrics to enjoy the good condition of the upholstery for a long time. When planning the purchase, let's allocate a slightly higher budget to choose a durable and aesthetic upholstery material that will meet our expectations and ensure the comfort of using the furniture for many years.