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Which chest of drawers for the bedroom?

A chest of drawers is an indispensable element of bedroom equipment, which not only offers additional space for storing jewelry, clothes or other accessories, but can also significantly influence the aesthetics and design of the interior. When choosing the perfect chest of drawers for the bedroom, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects. The style of the bedroom arrangement has a great influence. Is it in a glamorous, modern or maybe Scandinavian style? Therefore, below we will look at what is worth paying special attention to when choosing a chest of drawers for the bedroom, how to match its decor to the style of the interior and what materials will work best on the chest of drawers' top.

Which chest of drawers for the bedroom? 1

Chest of drawers in the bedroom – what should you pay special attention to?

When you are planning to buy a chest of drawers for your home, and especially for your bedroom, it is worth considering a few key issues that will help you make the right choice. Here are some important issues worth paying attention to, especially since not every chest of drawers in the bedroom will be suitable for every room.

Size and available space

First of all, you need to answer the question how much space you can allocate for a chest of drawers in your bedroom. Measuring your available space will help you avoid buying a chest of drawers that is too large or too small. Make sure that the chest of drawers will not dominate the interior and will be proportional to the rest of the furniture. To do this, first of all, check the dimensions of the chest of drawers and, depending on the available space, select the appropriate size of furniture.


Another important aspect is the functionality of the chest of drawers. Consider what you plan to store in it. Do you need space for clothes, underwear or accessories? A well-selected chest of drawers should provide the appropriate number of drawers and shelves, which will give you practical space for various types of decorations, accessories or clothes.

Style and design

The style of the chest of drawers should harmonize with the decor of the entire bedroom. If your interior is decorated in a modern style, choosing a modern chest of drawers will be a great idea. However, in a vintage or classic bedroom, a chest of drawers with more delicate shapes and decorations will look better. Therefore, in the first case, we can go a little crazy and use modern chests of drawers with, for example, decorative frames, while in the case of the classic style, a wooden chest of drawers, preferably made of solid wood, will work great.

Chest of drawers decor – modern or vintage?

The key element of choosing a chest of drawers for the bedroom is its design. Therefore, the arrangement should harmonize with the design of the chest of drawers itself. Most often, in this situation, we consider two main trends: modern and vintage.

Which chest of drawers for the bedroom? 3

Modern chest of drawers

A modern bedroom is usually also a modern chest of drawers, which is characterized by a simple form, minimalist design and uncomplicated lines. Its main features are primarily functionality and practicality. A white chest of drawers with smooth surfaces, shiny fronts or subdued colors of light wood will work perfectly in a modern-style bedroom. If you care about elegance and simplicity, choose a modern chest of drawers with or without minimalist handles, which will further emphasize the minimalist character of the furniture.

Vintage chest of drawers

If your bedroom is decorated in a vintage, retro or rustic style, a vintage chest of drawers will become an indispensable element of the decor. It is characterized by rich decorations, wooden elements and sometimes an aged effect. A vintage chest of drawers can be made of oak, mahogany or other types of wood, which give the furniture a warm look. Decorative elements, such as milling cutters or carvings, will give the chest of drawers a unique character. This type of furniture should only have noble decorations that will harmonize with the other elements in the room.

Chest of drawers top – what material to choose?

The top of the dresser is the part that attracts attention and can become the focal point of the bedroom. When choosing the right material for a countertop, it is worth paying attention to aesthetics and durability.

Wooden top

The wooden top of the chest of drawers is a classic that fits many interior styles. Wood is durable and natural, which gives the bedroom a cozy character. You can choose wood with a light, weathered finish for a vintage look, or darker wood for an added elegance. Cut flowers and other delicate accessories will look beautiful on such a countertop, but will not dominate the furniture.

Veneer top

Veneer is a thin layer of natural wood glued to chipboard or MDF. It is more resistant to moisture and temperature changes than solid wood, which may be important in the bedroom. A veneer countertop can imitate different types of wood, giving you a wider choice of designs. A Scandinavian-style bedroom is a perfect place where it is worth choosing this type of chest of drawers.

Tabletop made of chipboard or MDF

Particleboard or MDF countertops are more affordable than wooden countertops. They can be covered with laminate or high-gloss varnish, for example white. This makes them easy to clean. When choosing a chipboard or MDF countertop, you can find many different colors and patterns, allowing you to match it to the style of your bedroom.

Which chest of drawers will work best in the bedroom?

Ultimately, the choice of a chest of drawers for the bedroom depends mainly on your preferences, the arrangement of the bedroom, and the available space. Before purchasing, carefully measure the place where the chest of drawers will be placed and determine how much space you need for storage. Remember that this type of room must also accommodate other elements, often a double bed, lamps or a wardrobe for necessary things. Then consider the style of the chest of drawers – modern or vintage – that best suits the character of the bedroom. Finally, choose the material of the fronts and countertop that suits both aesthetics and functionality.

Remember that a bedroom chest of drawers not only has practical functions, but can also be an important decorative element. Therefore, it is worth spending time carefully selecting and arranging a chest of drawers that will perfectly match your style and interior. Thanks to this, you will create a harmonious and functional storage space that will also decorate your bedroom.