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Martyna Siwek - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating. He does not stick to one traditional yoga path, and describes his classes as functional yoga, with a large dose of anatomy, biomechanics and sustainable training.

After spending time with Martyna, the first thought that came to my mind was a quote "Find a job you like and you won't work in your life." Her hobby related to travel, mountains and electronic music coincides with the innovative project Deep Flow Yoga, of which she is a precursor. As a water lover, she organizes cruises on the great Masurian lakes, practicing yoga on land. As you have probably noticed, she has no restrictions for exploring the space where she could share her knowledge with others.

We met Martyna just before her classes Deep Flow Yoga, inArt on the spotwhere our dressing table hosted Lili. The atmosphere of this place seduced us. We stayed there for longer. We made up on comfortable sofas and in the inspiring environment of art we talked with Martyna not only about yoga. Read .... - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.


Berke: Yoga for you is ...?

Martyna: She used to be a teaser. One of many, because it so happens that I like to do many things in my life, but they usually stay with me for a short time. It was different with yoga -she settled for me for good (laughs). And so it remains to this day. Apart from a great teaser, it is my source of income.

At first, yoga was a sport for me. I came across classes in Spain, where the instructor showed me a completely different face. Classes I left total sweaty and positively tired - it surprised me! I treated this time very task. I wanted to perfection matching the grace of the trainer, who then conducted these classes. Other aspects came after time. They came naturally. I started paying more attention Breath, relaxation or concentration in meditation. - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.


Berke:There are many schools and styles from which you can get inspiration for your own practice. What are you drawing from?

Martyna:From the beginning in yoga, I put emphasis on strengthening deep muscles, various sequences. I noticed the benefits of softness, delicacy and breath later. Now I connect one with the other. After returning to Poland, I totally bounced off the wall - everywhere I came across meditation, stretching yoga, with a lot of help and long sometimes in positions. I missed the dynamic side I met. I was surprised by a very large attachment to the traditional teaching and hermetic environment. I was all the more surprised when on the course Instructor in India (accredited by Yoga Alliance) on the philosophy of yoga lecturer - Hindus, told us that there is one yoga. We can do it and call it as we want. At the source, where I would expect rigid rules, I heard about unlimited freedom and openness :)

If someone is only interested in the physical aspect - I see no problem. However, if someone needs something more, they will definitely find it. It's nice that we want to do something together at all. Is it physically, spiritually, meditative .... It doesn't have to be complete right away. - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.


Berke: When did you decide to find a yoga teacher? What was your path like?

Martyna:  I will shorten my story. I worked as a masseur in the Canary Islands (I am a physiotherapist by profession) and after 2 years it turned out that I had skin problems. At first I broke down a little. I started looking for many alternatives. I went to Thailand for a Thai massage course called passive yoga. This type of massage does not require the use of oils and there is no "friction" in it - it seemed to me that it was a great alternative for me. Being in Thailand, I met a Greek who told me the story of yoga he had in India. His story totally consumed me. I was lost. (laughs) I stood on my head to get from Thailand to India. I succeeded :) I did the course only about myself. I did not plan to become a yoga instructor then. After returning to Poland, there was a happy luck (laughs) - I was supposed to replace someone in class in a "fitness chain store", where I submitted papers to work at the reception (laughs) and this is how it started! :).

Berke: Where did the idea for Deep Flow Yoga come from?

Martyna: This is my original project also related to India. One evening, a boy from the group who dealt with electronic music invited us to the roof where the ambients, delicate sounds were playing. Such sounds have always been close to me and it was then that I thought in my mind that it would be nice to move at the rhythms of electronic music by practicing yoga.

I returned to this thought after 5 years. I met Seba Pierzchała (from the Seb & Rodrigezz formation), which is responsible in our project for DJ selection. In this duo, music is not a background, but with yoga the main character. The atmosphere is important for us - the right light and beat in which you can completely lose yourself in motion. And finally breath, meditation :). Something beautiful

We organize classes in Wrocław (in art on site), but we are slowly planning to jump to summer festivals and other cities in Poland.

Berke: Did yoga practice affect your daily life?

Martyna: Yoga certainly calms me down, but it also makes me an efficient body that does not cause me problems and copes well with various physical activities. And professionally - sets the goals of subsequent travels, courses, workshops.

Berke: Can yoga affect our psyche? If so, are there any specific practices that allow you to calm the mind?

Martyna: There are numerous studies that confirm the precious impact of meditation on our psyche, on changes in our brain waves. The easiest way to calm down is to listen to bed in your breath and then try to release slowly. It is enough to start - and it's a big step forward :)

When it comes to exercises, I recommend stretching yoga, opening the hips. Anyway, opening hips is a very anti -stress position! Raising the legs up to the wall also relaxes our psyche. - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.


Berke: Yoga for children? Is it possible?

Martyna: Definitely. Yoga is for everyone. However, not every type of yoga for everyone. We need to adapt it not only to age, but to predispositions, diseases, etc., etc.

I once conducted classes for toddlers and someone gave me a very valuable advice. It must be fast :). Children are bored, they must be in constant motion. Classes should be filled with laughter, items such as: cow, cat, dog that can imagine. Such yoga is a great adventure for them.

However, when it comes to slightly older children, in teenage age, which are full of frustration, stress, they often struggle with depression, it would be fantastic if yoga classes were dedicated to them in schools. I have not heard that such groups exist and I dream that someday I will be able to conduct such classes :) - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.


Berke:  What advice would you give to a person who begins your adventure with yoga.

Martyna:That she would not be discouraged after the first class :). Yoga is difficult;). The resignation leads to such looped wrong thinking. If yoga were only for super trained people, we would not see all the progress.
He observes people who have been practicing with me for several years or months and I see how their figure, balance and physicality changes. These effects are and enjoy, but they don't come right away. It's not 30 days to bikini (laughs). This is a longer process and everyone will see improvement. We currently have a large selection among yoga teachers - I am convinced that everyone will find something for themselves. It's worth looking for. - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.

Berke: Is there an hour that is best to practice yoga?

Martyna:I don't think it can be determined. It depends on man, health aspects, lifestyle, preferences. I will say how I do it :).

In the morning I run stimulating yoga, which is designed to "shoot" us positively for the whole day. Whereas late in the evening I recommend silencing yoga, which aims to calm our body, emotions, and prepare for a peaceful sleep. I am absolutely not the type of wounded bird :) And for me, the best time for dynamic practice is around 6pm. But this is not zero-one. - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.

 Do you have your daily rituals?

Martyna: Sometimes I make a list to ask myself and tick off with a colorful marker -then I have motivation to act. (laughter)
What I have introduced for a long time is a glass of warmer water with lemon on an empty stomach and then feels super hydrated. I can't imagine my mornings without it. And yes, I have tears (laughs) - brushing the body, face massaging Gua Sha.
I try not to look at the phone at bedtime before bedtime. I turn off the phone at 21 - admittedly, not always, but I have to return to this practice. During my weekend trips with yoga, I also try to cut off unnecessary stimuli. Due to my work, it is not always possible. It is important to give yourself a breath from the world online for a while.


Berke: What is the bedroom for you? Is this a special place in your home or maybe one of many?

Martyna: I would like it to be a unique place someday. Spacious, clear. Certainly with a balcony, on which I could spread my mat every day after waking up. I like a lot of windows, a lot of daylight :)


Berke:  What does your practice look like now? How often do you practice when and where can you meet you on the mat?

Martyna: I am working more and more in Wrocław. Due to the time - online, but also stationary. I organize travel weekends with yoga and weekly cruises in Masuria. Once every two months we meet with Seba in art on site with the Deep Flow Yoga project. I also run a project "Coffee with yoga" in the Odra Centrum. The place is located on the water, where we wake up every Tuesday. After class, breakfast and delicious coffee are waiting for us :). In addition, regular classes are available in my social media and on my website www - a yoga teacher who created aesthetics worth imitating.

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