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Arrangement of a small bedroom with a wardrobe - ideas

A small bedroom with a wardrobe, especially in an apartment, can be a challenge when it comes to arrangement. Lack of space and limited space mean that we have to be creative to arrange a small bedroom, while creating a functional and cozy interior. One of the key elements in the bedroom is undoubtedly the wardrobe, which not only serves as a storage for clothes, but also affects the optical enlargement of the space. Therefore, below we will present some ideas for arranging a small bedroom with a wardrobe that will help you use the space in a smart way. After all, with proper planning and creativity, we can create a space that is both functional and aesthetic.

Arrangement of a small bedroom with a wardrobe - ideas 1

Choosing the right wardrobe for a small bedroom

The first step in arranging a small bedroom with a wardrobe is to choose the right type of wardrobe. There are several solutions that are especially recommended for small spaces.

Built-in wardrobe - optimal use of space

A built-in wardrobe is a great solution for small bedrooms, as it can be adapted to the available space. Thanks to this, we can use even the smallest corner in the bedroom that would normally remain unused. A built-in wardrobe can be designed to order, which will allow for the optimal use of every centimeter of valuable space and will allow you to find a place that will act as a wardrobe.

Wardrobe with a mirror - optical enlargement of the room

The mirror is one of the tricks that optically enlarge the space. By choosing a wardrobe with a mirror, we can achieve a double effect - we have a practical solution where we can store the necessary things, and we can optically enlarge a small bedroom with a small area. The mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of more space in such a room, which is why it is an excellent choice for small bedrooms.

Arrangement of a small bedroom with a wardrobe - ideas 2

Wardrobe with sliding doors - space saving

Another solution worth considering in a small bedroom is a wardrobe with sliding doors. Sliding doors do not take up additional space in the room, because they do not require space to open, which is why they fit so well where there is a small interior. In addition, it is an ideal solution, creating a kind of separate wardrobe for us. In addition, the sliding door wardrobe can have different interiors and organization to provide practical storage of clothes. We especially recommend using it in a narrow bedroom.

How to arrange a small bedroom? Space planning is important

After choosing the right wardrobe, it's time to move on to space planning in a small bedroom. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of every inch of available space.

Minimalist approach - less is more

In small bedrooms, it is worth using a minimalist approach to arrangement. Reducing the amount of furniture and decorations will allow you to create a spacious and orderly interior. Choose the most important items, such as a bed, a wardrobe and possibly a small chest of drawers. Then carefully position them in the space so that they do not dominate and overwhelm the interior. In such a situation, bedside tables and other accessories may not work, which will additionally limit our already small amount of free space.

Use of space under the bed

In a small bedroom, a salutary solution is to use every available space. There is often a lot of extra space under the bed that can be used for storage. There are various solutions, such as containers on wheels, drawers or special containers designed to be stored under the bed. Thanks to them, we can hide, for example, bedding, extra blankets or things that are not often used and thus save valuable space in the wardrobe.

Racks and shelves - additional storage space

If you have furniture-free walls in your bedroom, you might want to consider installing shelving units or shelves in a contemporary style. Shelves are an ideal place to store books, ornaments or other small items. You can use the space above the bed, by the desk or even along the entire wall. However, remember not to overload the inside of the shelves. A well-chosen piece of furniture can also become a decorative element of the bedroom.

A small bedroom with a wardrobe - how to optically enlarge the space?

In addition to proper space planning, there are also several ways to visually enlarge a small bedroom.

Arrangement of a small bedroom with a wardrobe - ideas 4

Bright colors of walls and furniture

A small bedroom in a block of flats or a small house should have, above all, well-chosen colors of the walls. Light colors, such as white, beige or delicate pastels, make the interior seem larger and more spacious. If you prefer darker colors, you can consider using them as an accent - e.g. a concrete wall, and leave the rest of the walls light colors. It is also a good idea to keep the color of the furniture in a light tone to create a cohesive and light atmosphere. Therefore, light wood, for example bed frames with a sleeping function, will undoubtedly work.

Large mirror - the optical illusion of more space

A mirror is one of the most effective ways to optically enlarge a small room. A large mirror perfectly reflects the light and creates the illusion of a larger space. Place a mirror on the opposite wall to the window to make the most of natural light and bring more brightness to a small bedroom.

Appropriate lighting

Lighting is also very important in a small bedroom. Well-chosen lighting can finally affect the atmosphere and optical enlargement of the space. Avoid bright spotlights that can focus on one area and feel overwhelming. Instead, choose a soft and diffused light that evenly illuminates the entire room. You can also install bedside lamps to highlight different areas, such as a bed or reading area.