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What instead of a bedside table in a small bedroom?

Small bedrooms often present challenges when it comes to furniture placement and efficient use of space. Bedside tables are, of course, a traditional piece of bedroom equipment, but in the case of limited space, it can be difficult to find a place to put them, while ensuring the appropriate arrangement of the bedroom. Don't worry though! There are many alternative solutions that can replace the traditional nightstand in small bedrooms, providing both functionality and aesthetics in a small bedroom. Everything depends primarily on your creativity. So let's take a look at some interesting ideas for what can be placed in the bedroom instead of a bedside table.

What instead of a bedside table in the bedroom in a small bedroom 2

A bedside table instead of a nightstand?

One popular solution is to replace the nightstand with a small bedside table. The bedside table can have various shapes and patterns, from simple and minimalist to more ornate and designer. Depending on your preferences and style of bedroom, you can choose bedside tables with a shelf or a drawer that will help you stay organized and keep essentials within reach. The bedside table can also be practical as a place for a bedside lamp, alarm clock, book or cup with a drink. Of course, it will not hold as many things as a bedside table, but it will be perfect for storing the most necessary things or it will fit a glass of water and a book currently being read on its countertop.

What instead of a bedside table in the bedroom in a small bedroom 3

Or maybe shelves instead of a bedside table?

If you have a small bedroom, it is worth installing a few shelves in the room instead of a traditional bedside table. Shelves can be placed above or next to the bed, creating a place to store and display various items. Books, ornaments, photo frames or small plants can be placed on the shelves, adding a decorative touch to the bedroom. Remember, however, that such a bookcase in the form of a shelf should be firmly and securely fastened so as to avoid accidental tipping over or damage.

A classic nightstand an irreplaceable element?

What instead of a nightstand? Despite the various alternatives, it is also worth considering whether a classic nightstand is not the best choice for your bedroom. After all, the bedside table is very practical and functional. Placed on the floor, it offers storage space and convenient placement of necessary items near the bed. You can choose a bedside table with drawers or shelves, or even on wheels, depending on your needs and preferences. There are many different styles, sizes and designs of nightstands that can be matched to the decor of even a small bedroom, adding elegance and character to it at the same time.

What instead of a bedside table in the bedroom in a small bedroom 1

Interesting ideas for an alternative to the nightstand

In addition to the ideas listed above, there are many other creative solutions that can replace a traditional nightstand in a small bedroom. Here are some interesting suggestions for what we can put instead of a bedside table in every bedroom:

  • An old wooden chest or chest - they will add a rustic charm and can be used both as storage and as a decorative element of the house.
  • Bookshelf - perfect for storing books, magazines and other things you want close at hand by your bed.
  • Wall hanger - use vertical space by turning a traditional nightstand into a practical hanger for clothes and accessories.
  • Shelf above the bed - mount the shelf on the wall, just above the bed, to create a place to store and display decorations, making the most of the free space.
  • Bedside table - a smaller piece of furniture than a traditional bedside table, which can perform the same function, having a table top and taking up less space next to the bed.

To sum up, the lack of space in the bedroom does not necessarily mean sacrificing functionality and style. There are many alternative solutions that can replace the traditional bedside table, while adding an original and practical touch to your bedroom. Regardless of the choice, remember about harmony in the design and functionality of the given solution. Adjust them to your needs and preferences. After all, a small bedroom is an ergonomic place where we should create a pleasant atmosphere for rest and relaxation.