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Arranging the dresser in the living room

We have long known that the living room is the showcase of every home. After all, this is where we spend pleasant moments, rest or receive guests. The decor of the living room should therefore be very important to us. Therefore, it should reflect our personality.

An inseparable element of every living room is, of course, a chest of drawers. Currently, we have a huge choice when it comes to the arrangement of a chest of drawers, as well as its selection. We can choose a chest of drawers made of solid wood, a white chest of drawers made of plastic, with the top of the chest of drawers made of wood, or even one made of metal in an industrial style. However, it is worth remembering that it is not only a practical piece of furniture, but also a unique decorative element that can change the character of the entire room and become a real decoration of the living room. Properly selected accessories and the way of displaying them can make the chest of drawers become the focal point of the living room, attracting the attention of every guest.

Arrangement of a chest of drawers in the living room

Modern chests of drawers - functionality combined with aesthetics

If you want to distinguish your living room and make it unique, when choosing a chest of drawers for the living room, it is worth paying attention not only to its appearance, but also to its functionality. It should offer enough storage space while remaining consistent with the rest of the arrangement. It is worth considering whether a chest of drawers, doors or open shelves that will allow you to display decorations will be better suited to your living room.

Arrangement of a chest of drawers in the living room

You can also choose modern decorations for the chest of drawers. This type of decoration will unleash creativity and allow you to arrange the furniture in a way that will reflect your artistic soul. Such a chest of drawers can then contain, for example, family souvenirs that will bring back memories or necessary items that we use every day.

A style that says more - choosing and arranging the perfect chest of drawers

The style of the chest of drawers should harmonize with the overall interior design. Depending on your preferences, you can choose furniture in Scandinavian, classic, modern or industrial style. It is important that the chest of drawers is not only a piece of utilitarian furniture, but also reflects the character of the residents and is an extension of our personality. Therefore, if you have a boho-style living room, you should decorate the chest of drawers with natural accessories. In the Scandinavian style, for example, white chests of drawers and natural materials will work well, while in a glamorous living room or a living room decorated in a modern style, a wooden chest of drawers with lockable cabinets and decorative handles will perfectly fit in.

Chest of drawers decoration - decorations that enliven the space

Choosing the right decoration for your living room chest of drawers can be difficult given the variety of options. However, it is important to match the decorations to the nature of the arrangement in a given interior. This means that decorations should harmonize with the aesthetics and atmosphere of the space.

If the living room is decorated in a glamorous style , it is worth choosing luxurious elements, such as metallic photo frames, richly decorated vases or crystal decorations. Metallic lanterns with bright candles will add elegance, and a mirror in a decorative frame will visually enlarge the space.

In a loft living room, raw and modern decorations, such as abstract sculptures, vases made of stone or concrete-like materials, will work better. A table lamp with a raw finish may also be a good solution. Posters or graphics above the chest of drawers will add character to the space.

What about the Scandinavian style? In a Scandinavian living room, it is worth choosing simplicity and natural accessories, such as candles, minimalist lamps and a wooden mirror. Additionally, potted plants and woven covers will add a cozy atmosphere to the interior. The situation will be even different in a boho arrangement, where there should be numerous plants, woven decorations and fabric mirrors or macrame.

Where to place the chest of drawers in the living room?

Before you start arranging the chest of drawers in the living room, it is important to determine its location. Choosing the right place depends on the layout of the room and the number of other furniture or decorations. If there is a corner sofa with a sleeping function in the living room, make sure that placing the chest of drawers will not block the drawers from opening after unfolding the sofa. The most common solution is to press the furniture against the wall and place it in the side part of the room. However, there is no obstacle to displaying an impressive chest of drawers in the central part of the living room, for example opposite a U-shaped corner. In this case, you can place a bookshelf and an armchair next to it, creating a pleasant relaxation zone.

Arrangement of a chest of drawers in the living room

In living rooms connected to dining rooms, low furniture can help maintain cohesion between different areas. Placing the chest of drawers against the wall connecting the kitchen and the living room will eliminate the visual boundary between them. Designers often offer furniture sets, so you can complement the arrangement with a matching display cabinet or a low table in the same style. In the case of apartments with standard-sized windows, the chest of drawers can be placed next to the windowsill, unless a radiator is installed there.

Order and organization - the perfect pattern for arranging a chest of drawers

To prevent the chest of drawers from turning into a storage room, it is worth following a few simple rules. First of all, regularly check your stored items and get rid of unnecessary ones. You can also use organizers and boxes to help keep drawers and shelves tidy.

Let us remember that order and organization are the key to maintaining perfect proportions and style. Thanks to this, our chest of drawers will always look good, and the living room will shine with example and harmony.