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How to furnish a long narrow room in a block of flats?

A long, narrow room in a block of flats is an arrangement challenge for many people and can cause a lot of trouble. Non-standard proportions may make it difficult to properly manage the space and create a cozy and functional interior. However, with the right tricks and ingenious solutions, we can transform this space into a unique place that will delight with its appearance and comfort. So what is worth knowing to avoid the tunnel effect in the room you are decorating? Below we will discuss some practical tips on how to arrange a long narrow room to get the most out of it. Thanks to the tips below, a narrow living room will no longer be a problem, and arranging a narrow room and arranging furniture will become just a pleasure.

How to arrange a narrow room? Planning the spatial layout

The first step in arranging a long, narrow room is to carefully plan its spatial layout. If you want to properly arrange a narrow room, it is important to identify the main functional areas , such as the relaxation, dining or working areas, and then separate them appropriately. This can be done with furniture or subtle changes in color and lighting. It is also good to create a visual division of space using carpets that will highlight individual zones, and the layout of a narrow room will not be overwhelming.

Of course, each of the mentioned zones must also fulfill its role, so let's choose the equipment accordingly, especially since we have a long room in which not all furniture will fit. Therefore, avoid clusters of furniture in one place and divide them into smaller groups . An interesting and seemingly insignificant solution may also be to place the furniture, or more specifically, each leg on a given rug. This will make the space in the living room look more organized. Finally , remember to have access to bright, natural light , which optically enlarges a narrow room.

How to arrange a long narrow room in a block of flats

Optical enlargement of space in a narrow room

A long narrow room can be visually enlarged by using a few optical tricks. One is to paint one of the long walls a lighter color than the others. As a result, it will make the interior seem wider. Therefore, whites, beiges and delicate pastels will work best on longer walls, while dark shades and even black dominate on shorter walls.

Another way is to use a mirror on a shorter wall , which will reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space in a narrow room. Additionally, apart from the access to natural light discussed above, avoiding excessive crowding in the room and using light, airy materials will also significantly help to optically enlarge the space in a narrow room.

Choosing the right furniture and accessories for a narrow room

Decorating a long, narrow room can be a challenge, but don't worry! As you can see, there are simple rules that will help you create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The main slogan here is "less is better" . This means you should focus on the essentials, avoiding excess furniture that can make the room look even narrower.

Choose light, bright furniture with smooth surfaces that reflect light and visually enlarge the space. Try to keep more of the floor visible, which will also make the room seem larger. Avoid placing all your furniture along one long wall - it will only shrink the space.

When choosing furniture, also pay attention to proportions - avoid huge couches or sofas that will overwhelm the room. Instead, choose furniture with open armrests and legs, which will make the interior light and spacious.

In addition, it is worth considering placing round objects that will soften the sharp lines of the room and attract the eye. It is a good idea to designate the focal point of the arrangement here, which will attract attention and give balance to the entire interior. Finally, don't forget about inspiration - look for different ideas for arranging long and narrow rooms , which can be a source of new and creative solutions for your own project.

How to arrange a narrow room? Lighting and colors

The last, but no less important element when arranging a long narrow room is appropriate lighting and colors. We have already mentioned these aspects briefly in the previous paragraphs, but now we will focus strictly on those issues that are of great importance for the final effect.

When it comes to wall colors, it is worth choosing light, neutral colors that will reflect light and visually enlarge the room. This applies primarily to long walls, because in the case of short walls we can choose darker and contrasting colors. Moreover, the right lighting can change the atmosphere in the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Instead of one central light source, it is better to invest in several lighting points, such as floor lamps, wall lamps or ceiling spotlights, which will illuminate individual areas of the room evenly. This will give us the impression of having many zones in one room, so that we will not focus on just one point.