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Bath in the bedroom - is it worth deciding on it?

Without a doubt, for each of us the house is an oasis of peace, where we feel safe, relaxed and rested. Among all rooms, in turn, the bedroom is the most intimate place where we find relief and a moment of relaxation. So why should we only have a bed in it, since we can also put a bathtub - an addition that allows us to relax after a hard day. Often being in the hotel, we probably saw such a solution, but so far we have not dared to use it at home. Rightly? Below we will try to answer this question.




Bedroom with a bathtub - a dream or a bane?


Let's say openly - not everyone can afford a bedroom connected to the bathroom. The first and probably the most important issue is space. To decide on such a solution, we must take place for at least two bathrooms. The first, classic for all household members and guests, and the second only for a couple. Secondly, the space in the bedroom itself is also important, which must be at least 5-6 square meters larger than in the case of one room. Therefore, such a solution has the right to exist, only if our house area allows it.

In addition, people with a specific personality usually decide on the bathroom in the bedroom - confident, without complexes, liberated and open to new products. After all, relaxation in the bedroom bath will only be pleasant when we don't have to hide from the other person. If this is not the case, then such a bathroom will become only a nice element of interior design, but it will not fulfill its basic, practical role.

Bath in the bedroom - is it worth deciding on it?
Photo. Ola Tatka

Bath in the bedroom - is it worth deciding on it? 



Bath in the bedroom - what should we remember?


A well -designed and arranged bedroom with a bathtub can look really effective and designer. Remember, however, that we should not treat it as the main option. The main bathroom is simply necessary, and such a bedroom should be ... Well, just and up to the addition. This applies especially to marriages with children. Otherwise, the nice moments we imagined can be interrupted by other household members.

Let's also remember to take care of the coherent style of the bedroom and bathroom part. Of course, each part plays a completely different role, however, both should connect with each other. We are talking primarily about colors and materials used. Let's also pay attention to the functionality and necessary technical aspects, which should be taken care of at the design stage.

In addition, let's take care of the moody and cozy atmosphere, as well as for adequate ventilation that will prevent moisture. We protect the walls using, for example, waterproof paint. In turn, we protect the joints with silicone, and if we have a wooden floor on the entire surface, then let's impregnate it accordingly!


Bath in the bedroom - is it worth deciding on it? 


Or maybe a shower in the bedroom is enough?


Thinking about the bathroom in the bedroom, the bathtub comes first. But maybe a shower is enough to enjoy full comfort? It depends primarily on two aspects. First of all, from the space we have. If we have an additional 5-6 square meters, which we mentioned above, then of course the bathtub will be more designer and more convenient. However, not everyone can afford such a solution, and a well -arranged shower can also fulfill their function very well. The second thing is our character and our expectations. One depends only on functionality and then the shower is a great option. Another, in turn, depends on relaxation, comfort and rest in the bathtub after a hard day. In such a situation, the bathtub will be irreplaceable and the shower will never win this uneven "fight".