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TV in the bedroom - is it worth it?

When we design and arrange the bedroom, we want it to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. We care about the right wall colors, lighting and interior furnishings. However, we often hesitate to one, quite important addition - namely the TV. Is this the best idea to have it in such a room? What are the arguments for it to appear in our bedroom, and what suggestions give a lot to think about and discourage us from enriching the bedroom space for this device? We decided to give you some thoughts that we hope will allow you to find an answer whether it is worth having a TV in the bedroom.




TV in the bedroom - what disadvantages does it have?


The bedroom is a place that we associate primarily with rest, relaxation and peace, and the TV set will not give us peace. On the other hand, many people relax perfectly with him. Nevertheless, let's start with this worse side and list the disadvantages of having a TV in the bedroom.



Disturbs the natural mode of the day

After a long and hard day, we usually dream about getting to the dream bedroom and start relaxing. The TV can, in turn, make instead of regeneration, we will treat ourselves a long -hour marathon with programs, which will make us neglect other responsibilities, but also the next day we will get up sleepless. So what can we replace the TV receiver? First of all, soothing music or a book, which will definitely better affect not only our eyesight and sleep quality.



Causes problems with falling asleep

Insomnia is a condition of many people and therefore we reach for the pilot to kill time just in front of the TV. This is a very bad practice because these The devices secrete an electromagnetic field that contributes to insomnia. Moreover The blue light produced by the screen negatively affects our hormonal economy, so in the evening the body cannot regenerate and prepare for falling asleep. Why is it like that? Well, blue light prevents melatonin, responsible for a healthy sleep.



Does not allow full relaxation

After watching an exciting movie with a thrill and after turning off the TV, there is no chance that we put our head calmly into the pillow and fall asleep. Our body will be exposed to stimuli for some time causing tension and therefore we will not be able to properly relax.


Discourages other, often inspiring activities

Of course, often watching programs on television expands our knowledge and horizons, but in many cases the materials we are viewing are so -called Time clogs that do not bring anything good to our lives. As a result, a TV It can launch us and discourage us from other, much more interesting forms of spending free time.

What about the advantages? Of course, these are also, especially if we can use the TV carefully. After all, the undeniable advantage is the opportunity to watch the episode of your favorite series in your own bed, preferably with the other half. The same applies to watching football matches, concerts or nature programs that can significantly deepen our knowledge and expand the horizons.




At what amount should the TV in the bedroom be located?


If we have already decided to have a TV in the bedroom, we should consider at what height it should hang. Let's not hide - most often we will watch the series, being in bed, which is why the assembly height should be adapted primarily to this position. Therefore, it is recommended to install the receiver at an altitude of about 180 centimeters. Of course, we should not take this height as the only determinant, because a lot also depends on how high our bed is and at what distance from our head the TV will be located.


TV in the bedroom - is it worth it?TV in the bedroom - is it worth it?TV in the bedroom - is it worth it? 


Or maybe a TV on the ceiling in the bedroom?


Some have crazy ideas and one of them is to hang the TV in the bedroom on the ceiling. Is this a good idea? It depends how we look at it. On the one hand, it has its pros. First of all, contrary to appearances, you are comfortable to look at the TV hanging on the ceiling, lying at a distance on the bed. In addition, thanks to placing it on the ceiling, we gain a lot of free space. Therefore, this will work mainly in small bedrooms, where we want to gain every centimeter. The TV on the ceiling, however, can be our curse, especially when we watch TV from a different position than lying down. Therefore, before assembly, we must make sure that the lying position is the only one we choose to browse the channels.


Photo. Aneta Kowalczyk, 4KATy_POD_LASEM