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Provencal style - what distinguishes interiors in the Provencal style?

Do you dream of a beautiful, idyllic home that exudes warmth, harmony and romance? If so, the Provencal style may be the perfect choice for you. This unique style of interior design, inspired by the Provence region in France, is gaining more and more popularity also in our country, mainly due to its idyllic atmosphere and natural elegance.

Provence-style interiors bring a unique charm and atmosphere to our homes, which takes us to the picturesque corners of southern France. So let's take a closer look at this unusual style and find out what distinguishes interiors in the Provencal style.

Provencal style - what distinguishes interiors in the Provencal style 2

Idyllic atmosphere in Provencal style

When we think of the Provencal style, the image of charming, country houses in the picturesque landscapes of Provence immediately comes to mind. The Provencal style perfectly reflects this idyllic atmosphere in which time seems to flow slower and everyday life acquires a unique charm. Provence-style interiors emanate warmth and tranquility, creating a cozy place where you can relax and unwind.

Provencal style - what distinguishes interiors in the Provencal style 3

What distinguishes the Provence style?

Provencal style, as we already know, is known to us primarily for its naturalness and simplicity. It is characterized by bright colors, delicate patterns and rustic details that create a harmonious whole. The inspiration for the creation of this style was drawn from the country houses of the Provence region, where natural materials and classic forms dominate. Let us remember, however, that the Provencal style combines inspirations of idyllic and rural climate, but also timeless elegance, entering minimalist and even Scandinavian trends. It is very willingly introduced to houses located in the countryside or those where nature and greenery rule.

A wealth of natural materials

Provence-style interiors impress with the use of natural materials that give them a rustic charm. Wood, stone, linen, wicker and ceramics are just some of the materials that we often encounter in this type of arrangement. Wooden beams on the ceiling, parquet made of natural wood or stone walls are the elements that give the interiors an authentic and even original character. Fabrics made of natural fibers, such as linen, cotton or wool, are also often used, adding cosiness and natural beauty to interiors.

Provencal style living room

The living room is often the heart of the house, where the Provence style will undoubtedly be found. So what distinguishes the Provencal interior in the living room? The interior design trend shows us that the Provençal style is distinguished in this case by the preservation of the mild climate of south-eastern France, i.e. the motif of lavender in bright colors. Provençal interiors must also include natural fabrics, ceramic dishes, lace tablecloths, antiqued frames, wooden furniture with glass upper cabinets or floral motifs. It can be both fresh flowers, olive branches or, on the contrary, bedspreads with floral accents.

What kind of furniture where we have Provencal interiors?

Furniture is a key element of the Provencal style. Interiors in this style are characterized by delicate, rounded shapes and light, pastel colors. Furniture covered with white paint, slightly aged or with a worn effect, are a characteristic element of the arrangement in the Provence style. Cabinets, chests of drawers, tables or chairs with delicate decorations, carved details or sinuous lines create an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Furniture made of natural wood or wicker also fits perfectly into this style, adding lightness and coziness to the interior.

Stylized hangers and other accessories

Details are of great importance when arranging interiors in the Provencal style. Stylized clothes hangers or towels that resemble decorative pendants or wrought iron elements are extremely popular. Hangers made of wood or metal can become an extraordinary decorative element. Delicate curtains, net curtains or embroidered table runners also match the Provence style. An interesting solution is also the use of ceramic tiles with floral patterns on the floor or walls, which will emphasize the character of the Provence style. Pots in a natural color, woven baskets or clay dishes will be welcome, especially in the living room or kitchen. It is dominated by warm colors, i.e., above all, warm beiges, creamy whites, faded reds or imitations of wood. However, remember to keep some moderation in all this.

Provencal style - what distinguishes interiors in the Provencal style 1

Plants as an important element of the Provence style

Plants play an important role in interior design in the Provencal style. Flowers, herbs and potted plants bring freshness and naturalness to the interior. Characteristic plants for this style are lavender, jasmine, rosemary and olive. They can be placed in pots on the window sill or in stylish wicker baskets. In addition, bouquets of fresh flowers in rustic vases are a common decorative element in the Provencal style. Plants bring a pleasant fragrance to the interior and create a harmonious atmosphere.

As we can see, the Provence style is a unique way to create an idyllic and romantic atmosphere in the interiors. Natural materials, bright colors, delicate patterns and rustic elements create a harmonious whole that brings the atmosphere of southern France to your home. Provence-style interiors are cozy, elegant and full of charm. Thanks to the use of appropriate furniture and accessories, you can create a unique interior that will charm everyone. The idyllic atmosphere, the abundance of natural materials, stylized hangers and beloved plants are just some of the distinguishing features of Provence-style interiors. Let yourself be carried away by this romantic style and create your own magical interior where you will find peace and beauty.