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Mirror in the bedroom - is it worth using?

Mirror This is one of the most timeless elements that decorates our interiors. It is very Useful, greatly illuminates and optically enlarges the space. Recently, more and more often this element of interior design is used in the bedroom, both as a hanging, but also standing addition, being in furniture, and sometimes even on the ceiling! Below we will try to suggest Is it worth it and if so, where should we put the mirror in the bedroom.

Mirror in the bedroom - is it worth using? 


What does feng shui say about the mirror to the bedroom?


Feng shui, i.e. the practice of arranging the space of the house from ancient China For centuries, he has been involved in the influence of mirrors on people. Most often they are recommended, and set in the right place can even beneficially affect various types of problems. The most important feature of mirrors is the so -called Society - if we look at them, we see the second "I" - not only physically, but also spiritually. Hence, The mirror should be clean and large. Small mirrors show us only in fragments, which gives the illusion of division and breakdown into elements.

According to the rules energy Feng shui, It is recommended to hang only one mirror on the wall in a given room. We should also uLook for hanging mirrors opposite each other because they can multiply bad energy. Let's hang mirrors to the bedroom always opposite what is important to us.

But what about the mirror in the bedroom. After all, it is the most intimate room in which we care about peace and harmony. And here also a small problem begins, because According to Feng shui The mirror destroys peace and energetic order in the room, so our stay in bed and sleep may not be comfortable. Moreover The mirror reflects not only the image, but also sounds, which makes it to the room chaos. So if we are fans of feng shui, then Having a mirror in the bedroom is not recommended. However, if we look at these superstitions with a grain of salt, then we should decide on them.

Mirror in the bedroom - is it worth using? 


Mirror above the bed in the bedroom


Is it A very bold, but at the same time a very intriguing solution, which often starts fire in love with people in love. For technological and safety reasons, it may be difficult to stick the huge surface of the mirror to the entire ceiling. Therefore, in the bedroom it is worth choosing a slightly smaller mirror, which will be the size of the bed and will be directly above it. If we want to apply A little cheaper solution, this is a very good idea can be self -adhesive mirror foil, just like the Plexi mirror. In addition, light platforms grouped over the bed with a mirror coating are very good in this case



Mirror for the bedroom on the wall


Mirrors in the bedroom on the wall are the most practiced solution, which, however, can be used in many ways. First of all, unlike the mirror above the bed, here we have to determine the place. These located above the headrest, we can successfully be an alternative to the image, The mirror mounted at an angle, above the headrest allows us to observe the surface of the bed, in turn the mirror Hanged opposite the beds, e.g. above the dresser or dressing table, it will perfectly complement the bedroom walls and optically enlarge the room. We also have a choice many shapes of mirrors hung on the wall. If we decide on a mirror above the headrest, we usually choose the rectangular and horizontal ones, in turn, if the mirror is located over the dressing table, the most popular solution is the round ones.

 Mirror in the bedroom - is it worth using?


Or maybe a wardrobe with a mirror in the bedroom?


If our bedroom is small and dark, and we want to optically enlarge it and ensure its light, then it can be an ideal solution A wardrobe with a mirror, which will not only enlarge the space, but also brighten it significantly. It is also a safe solution for people who would like to introduce a mirror into their rooms, but have no idea for the right arrangement. But where is the best place to put such a wardrobe with a mirror? It can be a good choice Placing it opposite the bed, especially since the room will optically extend, and we will also get an interesting view of the bed. If in turn We care about highlighting The bedroom is a natural light, it's a choice The location of furniture with a mirror should fall on the wall opposite the window.

Mirror in the bedroom - is it worth using?


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