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Painting wooden furniture - what to bear in mind

Painting wooden furniture is an excellent and quite cheap way to refresh the interior, give it a new character and adapt to changing design trends. However, how to paint wooden furniture to maintain its classic and beautiful appearance and properly protect the raw wood? Below we will discuss the popularity of painted wooden furniture, the basic steps to painting it, and the appropriate paints for this purpose.

Painting wooden furniture - what to remember

Painted wooden furniture – why is this trend so popular?

Painting furniture with paint is undoubtedly a very good idea that has more and more supporters. We know many renovation methods. We can simply repaint the furniture, but wooden furniture is often whitewashed or renovated to restore the original structure of the wood, where the grain will be visible. The popularity of this trend is also influenced by:

  • Aesthetics and individuality

Painting wooden furniture has become popular mainly due to the ability to give it a unique character. You can easily change the color of the paint, which allows you to match the kitchen or living room furniture to current trends or your own preferences.

  • Furniture recycling

Painting wooden furniture is also a great way to recycle. Old furniture that may seem outdated, on the other hand, after being refreshed with chalk paint, the furniture gains a second life while retaining the wood grain, thus reducing the amount of waste.

Painting wooden furniture - what to remember

  • Color availability

Currently, there are many types of paints available on the market in various colors and with different properties. This makes painting wooden furniture easy and accessible to everyone. This is especially important in the case of wooden furniture, where each shade can significantly change its appearance and influence the final arrangement. Thanks to this, this solution will work well in both classic, Scandinavian or shabby chic style.

Painting furniture – where to start?

Surface preparation

Before we start painting wooden furniture, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the furniture surface. Furniture renovation should start by removing the old layer of paint and sanding the wood. For this purpose, we will need, for example, sandpaper. In the case of new furniture, it is enough to degrease the entire surface, e.g. with dishwashing liquid, which will affect the adhesion of the paint. Then wipe the wood with a damp cloth and leave it to dry completely.

Paint selection

When deciding to paint furniture, it is crucial to choose the right paint. Painting with acrylic paint is popular due to its quick drying, ease of application and wide range of colors. If we decide to whiten the furniture, chalk paint will be a good idea. However, much depends on the final color of the furniture we want to achieve and whether the surface should have, for example, visible grain giving a natural wood effect.

Painting wooden furniture – step by step

Step 1: Preparation of the workplace

Before we start painting furniture, let's first secure the workplace. Spread painting foil on the floor and cover nearby surfaces to avoid paint staining.

Step 2: Cleaning the surface

Let's clean the furniture from dust and dirt, which will certainly facilitate the painting of wooden furniture. Old furniture sometimes requires more attention, especially if it has layers of old paint.

Step 3: Sanding the wood

If we are painting old furniture, first remove the remnants of the old paint with sandpaper. In the case of new furniture, light sanding of the surface with sandpaper is enough.

Step 4: Applying the primer

To make the paint adhere better, use a primer under the painted surface. The same will also work for damaged furniture. This will allow you to achieve a more lasting effect of natural wood.

Step 5: Painting

Start painting your wooden furniture. When painting wooden furniture, apply the paint in two layers, leaving adequate time for drying.

Step 6: Varnishing (optional)

If you want to additionally protect the surface, apply a layer of varnish after the paint dries. The varnish will make the furniture shine and increase its durability.

Painting wooden furniture - what to remember

How to paint wooden furniture? What paint will be suitable?

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paint is most often used to paint wooden furniture. They are easy to apply, dry quickly and have a wide range of colors, which is perfect for painting furniture.

Chalk paints

Chalk paints give the furniture a rustic, matte look. They are easy to use and often used for shabby chic styling. A piece of furniture properly painted with chalk paint will certainly serve us for many years.

Oil paint

Oil paints are durable and wear-resistant, which makes them ideal for furniture exposed to intensive use - this applies, for example, to garden furniture. However, it is worth adding that they dry longer than acrylic paint.

How long will acrylic paints last?

Painting with acrylic paint is characterized by very good durability, especially when used on a well-prepared and cleaned surface. Good quality paint will stay on the furniture for many years.

If we want to extend the durability of painting even further, we should regularly maintain the furniture. Gentle cleaning and possible renewal of the varnish layer will help maintain a fresh appearance for many years.

To sum up, painting and renovating wooden furniture is an excellent way to refresh and adapt it to current trends. However, before painting, it is worth properly preparing the surface and choosing the right paint. Acrylic paints are popular because of their ease of use and wide range of colors. After all, properly painted wooden furniture is not only an interior decoration, but also a durable and practical part of the decor.