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Provencal style - how makes it stand out, how to arrange a flat in it?

Provencal style should first associate with bright and cozy interiors, which is why it is ideal for apartments and houses that have a lot of access to light and are kept in a slightly rural climate. It is dominated mainly by natural materials, vintage furniture and cute, often made accessories. In a way, we can even get the impression that in a given place time has stopped at some point. So how do you arrange a flat in the Provencal style to skillfully combine modern equipment with natural and even old style?


Provencal style - what is and what makes it stand out?

Provencal style, as the name suggests, had its beginnings in Provence, i.e. a land located in south-eastern France. This region, apart from great wines, is also famous for huge fields of lavender and numerous green hills. It was these landscapes that often inspired artists such as Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso. Provence was also an inspiration for travelers who, after returning to the gray reality, wanted to move at least a substitute for half -baked sunlight to their home. In this way, the style discussed for years, which impresses with its freshness, familiarity and coziness.

So what characterizes the Provencal style? First of all, pastel, calm colors that are nice and pleasant to the eye. Shades of lavender, blue, beige, but also light gray, green and yellow reign among them. By creating a flat in this style, we cannot forget about natural materials, such as cotton and flax, natural materials, from which furniture is made, as well as fresh flowers and herbs, which are to arrange the interior and remind you of beautiful and fragrant fields of Provence. Finally, of course, it is worth mentioning the numerous ceramics in the form of plates, cups and jugs as well as vintage decorations, which are characterized by many colors, as well as numerous abrasions that resemble old objects.


Provencal style bedroom

To arrange a bedroom in such a style, we must provide it with a unhurried atmosphere - one that we can find in the south -east of France. Of course, in such a bedroom, wooden furniture, numerous natural accessories and flowers lead the way. In addition, the Provencal style in the bedroom is characterized by a solid bed frame as well as a decorative boat. What's more, in many cases we can even find decorative canopies, thanks to which we are able to move virtually to the French palace! We can also get a very atmospheric and pleasant effect thanks to boutis, i.e. quilted cotton bedspreads. A quilted headboard will also work if we give up the abovementioned canopy. Nevertheless, when creating a bedroom in the Provencal style, we must remember that it combines elegance, charm and a timeless natural sly in the form of wicker baskets, porcelain accessories or fragrant flowers and herbs.


Provencal style - how makes it stand out, how to arrange a flat in it?


Provencal style furniture

Provencal -style interior furniture must be made of wood without a doubt. Of course, they cannot miss numerous decorations and carving, which will give them elegance and class. So let's not choose dressers, shelves, tables or chairs that will have a simple block. Interestingly, the perfect furniture, maintained in this style, we can often find on the so -called Flea fairs and antique shops, which even "bend" from furniture with "positive" signs of old age.

The color of such furniture is as important as the material and decorations. The Provencal style loves bright colors and this should also be furniture. However, if we find beautiful but dark elements, then no problem will be painted in white or pastel color. Apart from the wardrobe, table and chairs, remember about stylish dressers, sideboards and smaller tables.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention comfortable sofas that can be successfully found in the living room, thus encouraging to relax and rest. Ideally, if such a couch is also accompanied by comfortable and stylish armchairs and footrests. As with furniture, such a rest should have a bright color that we can revive by using colorful bedspreads and pillows.


Provencal style - how makes it stand out, how to arrange a flat in it?