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What colors match the wood?

Again, more and more people decide to use as much wood as possible to arrange the interior of their house or apartment. This is not surprising - after all, wood is a timeless material and a color, which is currently enormous. In the current trends, not only wooden floors and furniture are leading, but even decorative cladding, slats or other accessories, introducing a natural atmosphere into the interior. Also, the colors and shades of wood that we find in stores can make you dizzy - dozens of shades are available, from straw and golden to deep and dark browns. So how do you properly combine wood colors and what to combine them with? Let's find out.


What colors match the wood?

We cannot clearly indicate specific colors that will match wooden furniture or other elements. Much depends first on the individual preferences of the owner, and secondly on the type and color of wooden furniture. As we have already mentioned at the very beginning, we currently have a lot of different shades and this is largely dependent on the selection of other colors. It is worth emphasizing, however, that wood is a very universal material, which we can successfully use for many styles and every interior, both classic and slightly more modern. They are distinguished by timelessness and versatility, which means that few colors will not harmonize with this material. One of these clichéd colors is black. Below, however, we will deal with those colors that will definitely match the wood.

As we have already mentioned, the key element in the whole puzzle is the type of wood. Its different species differ from each other in a shade. And so, for example, bright furniture will look best in equally bright and well -lit rooms, where they will not focus their attention, and perfectly fill the room, creating the illusion that the interior is greater. Rooms with bright furniture are also usually accompanied by bright wall clothing. We focus mainly on white, beige and shades of gray. Such a combination is most often observed, for example, in kitchens and living room, where we pay special attention to a large dose of light.

Pine wood furniture is slightly darker, which has a honey shade, slightly golden. In the case of this color, we have really great opportunities, because they will harmonize with white, but also with more decisive colors, in the form of greenery, blue, and even purple and navy blue. It is also a kind of wood, which probably the most of all likes experiments and a note of madness, so in this case we do not have to stick to the beaten patterns and we can be guided by our own intuition.


And what colors match oak furniture?

The most popular and most stylish are definitely oak furniture, which is characterized by quality, style and elegance. This type of furniture is also the most durable and resistant to mechanical damage as a result of scratch, upholstery or abrasions. Therefore, oak is considered the undisputed king of Polish furniture. Interestingly, interior products made of it can be found on the market in a fairly wide range of colors-from medium-dark shades to deep brown ones. This type of raw material also has an original, rough structure, which is used not only to create furniture, but also durable floors.

So what colors will suit the oak best? Due to the fact that it is universal and grateful wood, many colors will also suit it. The choice depends mainly on us, although if we care about maintaining a classic arrangement, it is also worth using classic colors in the form of beige, white or sand colors. However, if we are not afraid of experiments, then the whole stylization in combination with pomegranate, greenery and even black, which usually does not match the wood.


What colors match the wood?



What are the shades of oak in furniture?

As we have already mentioned, the oak as one of the few can have many shades, thanks to which we will adapt it to virtually any interior. And so the palette of oak colors begins with bleached wood, through light gray, gold and beige color, to a dark brown color, and even approaching black! What's more, thanks to the increasingly developed woodworking technology, current methods allow you to obtain even greater diversity not only of shades, but also textures.


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